Castelveterese Carnival 2024, parade, food stands and allegorical floats

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Il Castelveterese Carnival represents a prominent event in the panorama of traditional holidays, standing out for its richness of colours, creativity and artistic expressions. The event, rooted in Story and in local culture, takes place in a context that combines art, dance and tradition, transforming the town into a lively open-air theatre.

It stands out as a celebration of in all its forms. Artists specializing in processing of iron, wood, clay and cartapesta they give life to majestic allegorical wagons, while tailors and craftsmen create extraordinary costumes with unusual materials.


Il program of the Castelveterese Carnival 2024 is full of events that include dance performances, from the traditional Tarantella to performances of Caribbean and African dances, accompanied by the evocative allegorical wagons. The aim is to immerse participants in an atmosphere of celebration and collective fun, under the sign of union and sharing.

How to participate

take part to this extraordinary event, it is possible to find out how to access and participate through the official Carnival channels. The invitation is open to all those who wish to live the unique experience of the Castelveterese Carnival as protagonists, immersing themselves in its festive and creative atmosphere.

For further information on the Castelveterese Carnival 2023, you can consult the official website of the event or contact the organizers directly. Through these channels, it will be possible to receive all the information necessary to fully experience this festival rich in history, culture and entertainment.

Contacts: Facebook page .

  • Where: Castelvetere on Heat
  • When:
    • Sunday February 04 2024
    • Friday 09 February 2024
    • Saturday February 10 2024
    • Sunday February 11 2024
    • Tuesday 13 February 2024
    • Saturday February 17 2024
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