Palmese 2018 Carnival in Palma Campania with the historic exhibition of the quadrilles

Palmese 2018 Carnival in Palma Campania with the historic exhibition of the quadrilles
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Back the Palmese 2018 Carnival in Palma Campania with a double performance of the quadrilles and many special guests.

The 2 or January 2018 begins and the 18 February 2018 ends the Palmese Carnival in Palma Campania with theexhibition of the quadrilles, one hundred year-old tradition among the oldest in Campania, which this year becomes double. The testimonial of this edition will be Maurizio Casagrande.

The quadrille is one unique tradition in Campania and is the symbol of the Carnival of Palma Campania whose program is modeled on the topical moments of the performances that will lead to the victory of one of the quadrilles: the occasion song, the rat of the pennant, parade, staging and songbooks.

For the "occasion song " each quadrille prepares a poem in verse, usually in the vernacular, in which the characteristics of the chosen theme are described with particular reference to the Master and some personages of the Quadrille. The poem, adapted to a known music or in some cases to an unpublished music, constitutes the Canzone d'Occasion. Traditionally the Quadrille on the days of the parade and the performances give the spectators the lyrics of the song with a sprig of mimosa and the spectator makes a small financial contribution.

The kermesse officially begins with "The rat of the pennant", The moment that marks the passage of deliveries from the old to the new master of the quadrille, and this year the organization wants to increase the dynamism and the involvement of the quadrilles by organizing a party in the village of the quadrilles.

La parade is a very important moment because it represents the first performance of the quadrille and also a first judgment on how the chosen theme was developed. Finally, in the songbook, the quadrille with the accompaniment of the band performs in famous songs and not that they can act as a glue to the theme.

Not only canonical appointments but also moments of food and wine, one lotteria combined with the carnival and many super guests whose identity has not yet been unveiled by the organization.

Quadruple themes

The 2018 edition will see nine squares compete for the prize:

  • The friends of Pozzoromolo with the theme The four elements
  • 'A Livella with Enchanted from the woods
  • The Gaudenti with 30 Vueltas Guadenti olè
  • I MoNellì with MoNellì_Phone
  • The Scugnizzi with Tirateve to bring you back
  • Sorry for the delay with the magic of the sword in the rock
  • Students with Studentilandia
  • Teglanum with Alegria the cirque de soleil
  • A whole story with Aladdin


20st January

Used song

27st January

Rat of the pennant and inauguration of the village of quadrilles 17.00 hours

4 February

Quadruple of the 15.30 hours quadrilles

9-10 February

Parade and exhibition

11 February

Quadruple of 15.30 hours quadrilles

12 February

Traditional step of the quadrilles

13 February

Shrove Tuesday "The songbooks" 15.30 hours

14 February

Proclamation of the winning quadrille

18 February

Award ceremony

Information on the Palmese Carnival

When: from the 20 January to the 18 February 2018, various dates (check the program)

Where: Palma Campania

Price: free admission

Contacts: Official site | facebook page

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