Casa Surace at the Galleria Principe di Napoli for June Giovani 2017

Casa Surace
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Casa Surace at the Galleria Principe in Naples for an initiative connected to the June Youth 2017 event review

The month of June is dedicated to young people, thanks to June Youth, the initiative organized by City of Naples. There are many events for this month and, even if it is about to come to an end, the 27nd June an unmissable appointment is scheduled.

The boys of Naples will meet the talented young people of "Casa Surace". The appointment is for Tuesday 27 June at the Galleria Principe di Napoli at 17.00 for a workshop dedicated to creativity and self-entrepreneurship.

"Casa Surace" comes from the idea of ​​five roommates with a great talent able to churn out videos that highlight the traditions and ingenuity of the south. Published on their fanpage, which now has over one million likes, are now vip of the web with theirs sixty million views reached between Facebook and Youtube.

In many, therefore, they will go to the Galleria Principe to learn some secrets of their success.

Information on the appointment with Casa Surace

  • Where: Prince of Naples Gallery
  • When: Tuesday 27 June
  • Working hours:: from 17.00 hours
  • Price: free event
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