June Youth 2017 in Naples, special guests Casa Surace and The Kolors

June Youth Program 2017 in Naples

June Youth Program 2017 in Naples

The program of events of June Youth 2017 in Naples with special testimonials Casa Surace and The Kolors!

After the rich program created for the May of the Monuments a Napoli, also June will be full of events thanks to the review June Youth. From 1 to 30 June 2017in fact, they will be more than 100 events that will take place in all the districts of the city, involving mainly young people, between concerts, exhibitions, visits, meetings, debates and projections.

The exceptional testimonials of this edition are beloved personalities who in recent years have enjoyed enormous success: the videomakers of Casa Surace and the musical group The Kolors. The band from Campania will perform for the first time in Naples at Mates Festival, one of the most important events of the exhibition, while the founders of Casa Surace will speak in a workshop dedicated to creativity and self-employment.

June Giovani, therefore, proposes activities that underline the importance of young people in the development of cultural, economic and social policies, and was launched by the #IoGiovane campaign with the interns of the Municipality which saw the realization of events such as the Youth Week andinstallation of the street artist jR.

June Youth events program

Continuously updated.

1, 2 and 3 June

from 12.00

Mates Festival, the Electronic Music Festival with Bob Sinclar and The Kolors.
Where: Agnano Hippodrome, via Raffaele Ruggiero 1.

1nd June

from 10.00

Young people, families and the territory: New networks to prevent juvenile deviance - Flying beyond.
Where: Na.Gio.Ja Youth Center - Soccavo, viale Adriano.

From the 1 to the 10 June

from 8.30

SelfiAmo photo contest the seventh municipality.

10nd June

Award ceremony for the competition and cultural event - Coop Sociale Mare Dentro.
Where: Guido Dorso Library - Piazza Zanardelli, 20 - Secondigliano.

by 1 30 to June

The smallest museum in the world · Sophia Project.
Where: Capodichino Airport, Viale F. Ruffo di Calabria.

from 1 to 30 June (animation on 10 and 24 on June)

Borgo Orefici dresses up in Totò - Art exhibition on Totò - “Le vie dell'oro - Ancient Borgo Orefici Consortium” Association.
Where: Vie del Borgo Orefici.

from the 2 June and for every Friday, Saturday and Sunday in June

Plain for Young People · "IRACEGROUP" Association.
Where: Parco Attianese and Pianura craft polo.

from 2 June and for all fridays and Saturday in June

from 10.30 12.00 to and from the 14.30 16.30

Pinocchio in the heart of Naples · Manallart.
Where: Real Casa Santa dell'Annunziata Institute, Via Annunziata, 34.

 2, 9, 16, 23 and 30 June

from 21.00

The Nights of the Nile - Student Mutual of Naples.
Where: Piazzetta Nilo.

from the 2 and for all friday in June

from 10.00

A castle for young people - free guided tours · Timeline Naples - travel through time
Where: Maschio Angioino.

2, 3 and 4 June · from 9.00

Paratissima · ArteinMovement.
Where: from archaeological Museum, Galleria Principe di Napoli, via Bellini (crossroads of via Micco Spadaro), via Carlo Doria, via Broggia and via Conte di Ruvo, via Costantinopoli, arriving in Piazza Bellini.

2, 3, 4, 10, 11, 17, 18, 24, and 25 June

from 9.00

The colors of art · Art in color.
Where: Piazza San Domenico Maggiore.

3nd June

The clothes of the Neapolitan song · Napulitanata
Where: Galleria Principe - Piazza Museo Nazionale, 10 and 11

3, 10, 17 and 24 June

Pausilypon: Suggestions at dusk · CSI Gaiola Onlus.
Where: Archaeological Park of Pausilypon, Grotta di Seiano, Descent Coroglio, 36.

from the 3 and for all Saturday of June

from 10.00

The life of Sant'Alfonso.
Where: Pro Loco "Soul Express" Marianella, Via Federico Celentano, 8.

4nd June

Young Blind Vision Night - Annalaura di Luggo.
Where: Colosimo Institute - via S. Teresa degli Scalzi, 36.

4nd June

from 10.00

To the rediscovery of the lost games - Cultural Association "Infinite Passion".
Where: Equipped green area - via Ciccarelli - Barra.

4 and 25 June

from 11.00

Book crossing and wall of expression in the street - Visionary Association.
Where: External of the Museum of Capodimonte and of the National Archaeological Museum.

from the 4 June and for all the Sundays of June

from 16.00

The suspended garden - Udu Napoli.
Where: Parco Re Ladislao - via Cardinale Seripando.

from the 4 June and for every Sunday morning of June

from 11.00

Acoustic Guitar Concert - Emilio Lanza.
Where: Via Caracciolo, via Toledo and via Scarlatti.

June 6 and 17 - June 23 - June 28

June Scarlatti Giovani - New orchestra Alessandro Scarlatti
Where: Botanical Garden, Basilica of San Giovanni Maggiore, Church SS Marcellino and Festo
Schedules: 6 and 17 June at 19.00 | 23 June at 19.30 | 28 June at 20.30

7nd June

from 11.00

Presentation of the GardeNet Project.
Where: Galleria Principe di Napoli, Piazza Museo Nazionale, 10 and 11.

9, 10, 17 June and 24 June

Art and sport for the integration of different skills - Vulenn vulà.
Where: Centro MaMu - Via new Ferrovia Piedimonte D'alise, 5B (metro1 piscinola) and Piazza Tafuri Piscinola.
Schedule: 9 June at 10.00 | 10 June at 18.0 | 17 June at 17.00 | 24 June at 18.00.

24nd June

Treasure hunt for children.
Where: Maschio Angioino.

 27nd June

Casa Surace, workshop on creativity and self-entrepreneurship.
Where: Galleria Principe di Napoli

Information on June Youth

When: from 1 to 30 June 2017

Where: various locations in Naples

Prezzi: free or paid events

Info: City of Naples

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Written by Fabiana Bianchi
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