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Irama singer

Filippo Maria Fanti, known as irama, is a multifaceted figure of Italian musical panorama, which ranges from rap to songwriting, passing through sonority pop. Born in Carrara il 20 December 1995, was able to conquer the public with his interpretative ability and his lyrics engaging, becoming one of the most followed e appreciated of his generation.

His career, marked by important holdings to festivals and talent shows, it is a constant journey evolution that reflects his passion and its commitment in the world of music. She is among those selected to participate in the 2024 Festival of Sanremo.

Origins and career

irama, born Filippo Maria Fanti, discovers his passion for music since small, approaching tools like the piano and starting to write songs. This early interest guided him towards an artistic path that would see him emerge in the Italian musical panorama. In the 2016, Irama takes his first major public step by participating in the Festival of Sanremo in the “New Proposals” category with the song “Cosa restera“, where it ranks at seventh place. An experience that marks the beginning of a rising career that will lead him to achieve success and recognition. In 2024 he will return to the Sanremo Festival as BIG.

  • 2016: participation in the Sanremo Festival with “Cosa resterà”
  • 2017: release of first studio album, “Irama”
  • 2024: participation in the Sanremo Festival with “Tu no”

Irama's career

The victory at seventeenth edition of the talent show Friends of Maria DeFilippi in 2018 represents a turning point for Irama's career, which from that moment on begins to collect a growing success. The album “Young“, published in the same year, becomes a commercial phenomenon, thanks to hits like “Black","What do you want it to be"and "The girl with the tin heart".

His participation in the 2019 Festival of Sanremo with the song "The genesis of your color” is worth a fourth, further solidifying its presence in the music industry. The next album, “The day I stopped thinking“, released in May 2019, reinforces his popularity and unique style.

In 2020, Irama wins the program Special Friends and releases the single “Mediterranean“, which anticipates the release of his fourth album, “Crepe“. His continued participation in Sanremowith the song "The dance of uncertainties" in 2021, demonstrates his constant artistic evolution and ability to maintain a strong bond with his audience.

  • 2018: Win of Amici and publication of “Giovani”
  • 2019: Fourth place in Sanremo and release of “The day I stopped thinking”
  • 2020: Win of Amici Speciali and publication of “Crepe”

Musical style and influences

Lo musical style of Irama is a melting pot of genres which ranges from pop al rap, passing through the Italian singer-songwriter. His ability to to melt these genres in a unique formula is one of the keys to its success. The lyrics of his songs, often introspective e emotional, explore themes such aslove, personal growth and challenges of contemporary life, managing to create a deep connection with his audience.

Le musical influences of Irama are varied and include both the panorama Italian musical, with figures such as Lucio Battisti e Fabrizio De André, both international artists of the caliber of E e Drake. This diversity of influences it is reflected in his music, which he manages to be Contemporary and at the same time profoundly rooted in the Italian songwriting tradition.

  • Italian influences: Lucio Battisti, Fabrizio De André
  • International influences: Ed Sheeran, Drake

Private life

irama is known to be particularly Reserved about his vita privata, maintaining a discreet attitude towards the media. Despite this, it is known that he had a relationship with dancer Victoria Stella Doritou, known during her participation in the program Friends. An aspect of his life which, however, is kept away from the spotlight, in line with his desire to separate his professional career from his personal affections.

La confidentiality of Irama about his private life is respected by both his fans and the media, allowing the artist to focus on his music and on his artistic path, without distractions related to his personal sphere.

Curiosities about Irama and the origin of his stage name

  • Il stage name “Irama” comes from a word Malaysian what does it mean "rhythm“, chosen by the artist to underline the importance of music in his life and how it represents the rhythm of its existence.
  • Irama has a great passion for tattoos, which he considers an art form and a way to express his personality And its life experiences. Her body tells a story through the images engraved on her skin.
  • In addition to being an accomplished singer-songwriter, Irama is also a musician: in fact the piano , guitar, instruments that he often accompanies to his live performances, thus showing his artistic versatility.
  • Although his career is mainly focused on music, Irama does not hide his football faith: he is a fan of Juventus, a team for which he has had a great passion since he was a child.
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