Outdoor cinema in San Sebastiano al Vesuvio with Agorà: film, theater and music

Outdoor cinema in San Sebastiano al Vesuvio
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From 8 July to 4 September 2022 a new appointment with the open-air cinema in San Sebastiano al Vesuvio, precisely with the review "Agora"Which takes place in Urban Park of Via Panoramica. There will not be only films, because the calendar also foresees concerts e , for the whole summer.

The event is organized by Red Carpet and the Municipality of San Sebastiano, with the collaboration of the Campania Region and in total they are included in the program 52 films and 7 events which are divided between concerts and shows in an arena that holds 500 seats.

Among the most important guests there will be the writer Maurizio De Giovanni and saxophonist Marco Zurzolo who will talk in an evening that will move between literature and music. Then there will be the director Mario Martone, Carlo Faiello with his traditional popular music, Massimiliano Gallo, Gino Rivieccio and many others.

Relative to the cinema, outdoor films will cost only 4 euros.

Freak Out

The cinema program

Month of July

8th July

A life on the run of S. Penn

9th July

Three floors by N. Moretti

10th July

House of Gucci by R. Scott

11th July

Spencer of Larrain in the original version

12th July

Ennio by G. Tornatore

15th July

R.'s hidden child went

16th July

C'mon, C'mon by M. Mills

17th July

Here I laugh at M. Martone. With the participation of the director and Francesco Di Leva

18th July

A winning family of RM Green

19th July

Corro da te by R. Milani

20th July

Surprise ending by M. Cohn

21th July

It was Father Sorrentino's hand of God

23th July

Nostalgia for M. Martone

24th July

Belfast by K. Branagh

25th July

Mulholland Drive by D. Lynch in the original version

26th July

D. Minnella's perfect dinner

27th July

Freaks out by M. Mainetti

28th July

Licorice Pizza by PT Anderson

30th July

Madres paralelas by P. Almodovar

31th July

Still air by L. Di Costanzo. The director intervenes

Maurizio De Giovanni and Marco Zurzolo
Maurizio De Giovanni and Marco Zurzolo

Month of August

August 1th

Jurassic world: dominion by C. Trevorow

2 August

House of Gucci by R. Scott

3 August

Koza nostra by G.Dota

5 August

It was Father Sorrentino's hand of God

6 August

The wolf and the lion by G.Maistre

7 August

Here I laugh at M. Martone

8 August

The sex of the angels by L. Pieraccioni

9 August

Nostalgia for M. Martone

10 August

Spiderman no way home by J. Watts

11 August

E.Iannaccone's holiday, homage to Catherine Spaak / the director will speak

12 August

Sonic 2 by J.Fowler

13 August

September by J.Steigerwalt

14 August

Uncharted by R. Flejscher

15 August

PP Pasolini Uccellacci birds review by PPPasolini

16 August

Mamma Roma by PPPasolini

17 August

Accattone by PP Pasolini

18 August

Lost Illusions by X. Giannoli

19 August

Jurassic world: dominion by C. Trevorow

20 August

Here I laugh at M. Martone

21 August

The arminuta by G. Bonito

22 August

Licorice pizza by PTAnderson

23 August

It was the hand of God of Father Sorrentino

24 August

The portrait of the duke by R. Micheli

25 August

The perfect garment by Leon De Aranoa

26 August

Nostalgia for M. Martone

27 August

Diabolik by Manetti Bros.

28 and 29 August

French Dispatch by W. Anderson

31 August

Everything went well by F. Ozon

                                  EVENTO (1 settembre)

September 2th

As before Tommy Weber

September 3th

House of Gucci by R. Scott

September 4th

Resilience 3.0

The program of shows and concerts

Month of July

13th July

“Songs” show with Maurizio de Giovanni and Marco Zurzolo. Event ad invitations, contact the organization by writing to: agorasansebastiano@gmail.com or privately on Facebook page.

14th July

Show by Paolo Caiazzo "Terroni is born". Price: 15 euros on Ticketone, 13 euros at the box office.

22th July

Concert "Ballanza" by Carlo Faiello. Price: 12 euros

29th July

“Beware of imitations - show” with Francesco Cicchella

Month of August

August 4th

Gino Rivieccio - Fifty-Fifty with Bluenote4et

August 30th

Ciro Ceruti - Shit Life

Month of September

September 1th

Flo concert

Information on Agorà


from 8 July to 4 September 2022


Urban Park, San Sebastiano Vesuvio, Via Panoramica

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  • Full cinema ticket: 4 euros
  • Up to 12 years and over 70 cinema ticket 3,50 euros
  • Show Paolo Caiazzo | single ticket 15 euro | Buy on Ticketone
  • Carlo Faiello show | single ticket 12 euro | Buy on Ticketone


agorasansebastiano@gmail.com | Facebook page

Instagram: agorasansebastiano

  • Where: Urban Park of San Sebastiano al Vesuvio
  • When: from Friday 08 July 2022 to Sunday 04 September 2022, from 21:15
  • Prezzi:
    • Full cinema ticket: €4
    • Up to 12 years and over 70 cinema ticket: €3.50
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