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Il Comicon is about to return to Neapolitan soil at the Mostra d'Oltremare in Naples which, moreover, will close to the rest of the public for a period of approximately 10 days. But what you really need to know about this new edition of Comicon? Like every year, there are so many things, but here are some Facts that you just can't not know.

The most important guests

At the moment the Comicon hosts well 408 famous people for this edition. An exorbitant number to consult all the names, the official website of the event provides a useful section. But to clarify things a little, who are the most important names, those who will characterize the 2024 edition? Here are some:

  • John Romita Jr. – American cartoonist, known for his work on Spider-Man and Iron Man for Marvel Comics.
  • Milo Manara – Italian cartoonist, famous for his erotic and sensual graphic works.
  • David Lloyd – British artist, co-creator of “V for Vendetta”.
  • Lee Bermejo – American comic book artist, known for “Joker” and “Batman: Noel”.
  • Paul Nespoli – Italian astronaut, veteran of various ESA and NASA space missions.
  • Elodie – Very popular Italian singer, known for her participation in Sanremo.
  • Igort (Igor Tuveri) – Internationally renowned Italian author and cartoonist.
  • Glenn Fabry – British artist, known for his work on “Preacher”.
  • Stanislav Rumenov Janevski – Actor known for his role as Viktor Krum in “Harry Potter”.
  • George Vanni – Italian singer, famous for his interpretations of cartoon theme tunes.
  • Hitoshi Sakimoto – Japanese composer, known for his video game soundtracks such as “Final Fantasy Tactics”.
  • Yasumi Matsuno – Japanese game designer, known for his work on games such as “Vagrant Story” and “Final Fantasy XII”.
  • Katsuya Iwamuro – Japanese artist and illustrator.
  • Shun Umezawa – Japanese manga author.
  • Tanino Liberatore – Italian cartoonist and illustrator, known for “RanXerox”.
  • Ciro Priello – TV personality and member of the comedy group “The Jackal”.
  • Lorenzo Zurzolo – Italian actor, known for his participation in the series “Baby” on Netflix.
  • Sio – Italian cartoonist, known for his unique humor and the “Scottecs” series.
  • Human Safari – Youtuber and traveler, famous for his travel and exploration videos.
  • Marco Merrino (Croix89) – Italian Youtuber and influencer in the field of gaming and humor.

Obviously these are just some of the many VIPs present at Comicon 2024, but it's just to pique your curiosity.

The Comicon 2024 map

Among the first things to have on hand we have the map of the 2024 edition of Comicon. Through the latter it will be possible not only to consult the accesses, but above all to identify all the main areas of the Comicon, namely:

  • Comics
  • Game
  • Pop Market
  • Videogame
  • Neverland
  • Street Plaza
  • Main Stage
  • Arena Flegrea
  • Cinema and TV series
  • Asian Village
  • Cosplay district
  • Kids area
Comicon 2024 map

Entrances: where you can enter Comicon 2024 from

As we can see from the map, they are available to access the Comicon 5 entrances, one of which is only for accredited people, but let's identify them one by one:

  • Piazzale Tecchio: one of the main entrances, located near the municipality and metro exits. Dedicated to everyone.
  • Via Terracina: another highly rated entrance dedicated to season ticket holders, day tickets, accredited people and schools.
  • Via Usodimare (Edenlandia): season ticket holders, daily, accredited, fast lane
  • Via Marconi: dedicated only to accredited people and schools
  • Near via Marconi there is another entrance, but dedicated only to accredited people.

What you can eat at Comicon

In addition to the bar and other food corners, Comicon focuses its street food offering on two foods in particular: pizza, the famous PUOK Burger sandwiches and the food offered by KOMACON.

Pizza at PizzaCon

PizzaCon is a pizza area of ​​COMICON, which mixes good eating with lots of activities related to the world of pop, such as video games, manga and cinema. It will be possible to try pizzas from some of the best brands and pizza makers in Italy while enjoying pizza art shows and chats with pizza makers, authors and creators. This year also gluten-free solutions.

Where are the pizzerias located

In front of Pavilion 10:

  • 10 Diego Vitagliano
  • Pizzeria Da Nino Pannella
  • Pizzium offers Margherita with fiordilatte from Agerola and peeled tomatoes, and a special version with frankfurters.
  • ImpastoVivo serves a Margherita with Agerola fiordilatte and a COMICON Special Pizza with cooked ham and fried potato "sphere".
  • Pizzerias Errico Porzio it has the classic Margherita and a special one with Nerano cream and pecorino.

Back of the Mediterranean Theater:

  • Pizzeria Salvo with a traditional Margherita and a white COMICON Special Pizza with buffalo stracciata and fiordilatte cubes.
  • PI Greek serves a Margherita and a special with smoked provola, baked potatoes and pulled pork.
  • Fresco – Trattoria and Pizzeria it has a Margherita and a special with provola and cream of potatoes.
  • Diameter 3.0 offers a Margherita and a COMICON Special Pizza with Agerola provola and Avezzano potato cream.

Puok Burger, the orange truck

Now inevitable Puok Burger's orange truck that churns out panini unforgettable. It is a famous Neapolitan brand that has thematic sandwiches made with the highest quality ingredients. This year, from the map, we can see that it is located between pavilion 10 and the Theater where we have the hub of the Cinema and TV Series sector.

KOMACON, Korean food

The festival will offer its guests and the public the opportunity to immerse themselves in Korean food culture. The public will be able to taste typical dishes such as kimbap and tteokbokki, two of the most representative dishes of Seoul cuisine.

The culinary moments will be guided by two chefs renowned, Jae-hyun Choi and Min-gyu Shin. The culinary event is a collaboration with the founders of the project Kimchi&Basil, which aims to bring an authentic taste of Korea through its most iconic dishes.

Comicon 2024 tickets

As every year Comicon was sold out. The first to run out was the season ticket for all four days and then the individual day passes also ran out. Be wary of whoever wants resell the tickets to you if on the official Comicon website they declare that the tickets are sold out. This is because the tickets for this event they are not transferable, it is now not possible to change your name and an identity document is always required upon entry. In short, beware of scams which happen often for this event.

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