How to download the Green Pass from the IO app

How to download the IO app for the Green Pass in Campania
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Among the various methods for download the Green Pass, which now seems to have become an increasingly important medium, we also find the IO application. But before going into the specifics we want to remind you that there is a method even for those who do not want to use technological means, that is, you can go to your GP or even more simply to pharmacy with your health card. Obviously you will need to have started or completed your vaccination cycle, otherwise the Green Pass will not be available.

What is the IO application

This app is a secure entry point for interact with public services both local (of Campania) and national (Italy). All directly from smartphone or tablet and above all in a few clicks. It has had, and is having, a great success in fact to date there are more 14 millions of downloads. Among the many services that it makes available, of the whole public system, the app is an excellent ally to keep track of any swabs made and to consult your own COVID-19 Digital Green Certification.

How to download the IO application

The IO application is available for both devices Android for both devices Apple (iOS) and can be downloaded from their related stores, the Play Store or the Apple Store. After reaching the right store to download the application, you can proceed with the installation.

Apple Store Link (iOS)

Play Store Link (Android)

After finishing that process, you will get to the heart of the IO app.

Let's get to the heart of the IO app

Log in

To log into the IO application you need to have or SPID (the Public Digital Identity System) or of the CIE (Electronic Identity Card). After choosing the method you prefer, you will need to authorize the various app requests and set a unlock code which will be required every time you open the app in order to protect yours privacy.


Next you will need to confirm, or change, your email which the IO app may use for some features. Later, you can proceed with the configuration of the app also simply by choosing "use quick setup".

The home screen of the IO app

The IO app home page focuses on four sections:


In this section all the IO app communications (received, due, archived). Also present were those sent by the Ministry of Health, such as the one concerning the green certification COVID-19.

Our customers

The portfolio, on the other hand, will focus more on methods concerning the management of the economic side, such as i bonus. You will have the possibility to consult / enter the payment method, to check bonuses and discounts and to consult your personal operations. Section much used for the Cashback.


Here you will be able to consult all the services of your own National Network and your own local network (two well divided sections).


Finally, in the profile area it will be possible to consult yours fiscal Code (the green card, therefore different from the blue health card), consult and manage preferences, privacy, IO information and change the application settings such as the unlock code.

Where is the COVID-19 green certification on the Io app?

In the initial screen, first section (Messages), you will immediately have access to the digital certificate. You can view it to get the following info:

  • Qrcode of the certificate
  • Surname and name
  • Date of birth
  • Unique identification code of the certificate

Ne details Further information will be obtained, such as the type of vaccine administered, the manufacturer of the vaccine, the number of doses, the dates of administration, the state in which it was performed and so on.

But beware of the IO application is available only the digital certificate and not the paper one. Remember, however, that both formats contain the same information that identifies your certificate.

Finally, it will be possible save the QR code of your certificate in the photo gallery of your device, so that you can also show it in case of absence of connection.

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