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The Green Pass
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Now the Green pass it is increasingly part of our lives and it is already possible to download it from different applications o via the Government website when you are vaccinated.

This digital document, also called Green Certification, will make it easier for us to access and participate in numerous public events, but also in clubs, restaurants, ceremonies and will be necessary for travel to Europe.

È available from 1 July 2021, but let's see more precisely what it is and how to download it.

What is the Green Pass (green certification)

The "COVID-19 green certification - EU digital COVID Certificate"The Green pass was born from an idea of ​​the European Commission for the purpose of facilitate travel of citizens during the Coronavirus pandemic. It is a digital certificate containing a QrCode and a qualified electronic seal and can only be issued by the Ministry of Health. It is the QrCode that must be shown to operators who deal with control, for example at airports, train stations or at the entrance to events.

The Certification attests one of the following conditions:

  • having carried out the first dose or single-dose vaccine for 15 days
  • aver completed the vaccination cycle
  • tested negative for a swab molecular in the previous 72 hours and antigenic in the previous 48 hours
  • be healed from Covid in the last 6 months

What can you do with the Green Pass

With the Green Pass you can participate in public events such as concerts or plays, participate in civil and religious ceremonies, access the nursing homes and other similar structures, move both in and out between orange and red areas and you can travel to and from the countries of the European Union and the Schengen Area. In fact, the certificate is also valid as an EU digital COVID certificate, as mentioned.

The document is price quotation and is also available in English, French and German, especially in the territories where bilingualism is in force.

The Green Pass and Green Certification

Green Pass and Green Certification they are the same thing, although this distinction in terms can sometimes have created confusion. But the two terms indicate the same type of document.

How to download the Green Pass

In Italy only the Ministry of Health can issue the Green Pass and it does so on the basis of the data sent by the individual Regions and Autonomous Provinces. Once the vaccine has been carried out or after having made a molecular or antigenic swab that tested negative or after healing from Covid, the Green Pass is automatically generated in a printable digital format.

At this point, you will receive an email from "Ministry of Health" (noreply.digitalcovidcertificate@sogei.it) or the SMS message from "Min Salute" with an authentication code to be used to download it or you can consult the website of the Government using digital identity. Let's see in detail the various channels from which you can download the Green Pass.

Via the government website

There are two ways to download it using the Government site. You can access the link that requires the SPID or the Cie, enter the data and download your Green Certification. Alternatively, you can use the link in which to enter the data of the health card or with an identity document if you are not registered with the SSN, in combination with the Authcode code received via sms.

Via the IO app

THEIO app, also used for payments to the Public Administration and downloadable for free, will send a notification to the user and just log in with your digital identity (SPID or Cie) to find the available certificate. It will be possible save the QrCode in your smartphone gallery and you can also download the certificate in full.

See the complete guide on how to download the certificate from the IO app.

Via the Immuni app

Through the 'Immuni app, downloadable for free from the site, you will receive a notifies on the availability of the Certificate. You will have to enter the Authcode identification code received by mail and the last 8 numbers of the health card. At this point, the document will be viewable. It will obviously contain the QrCode and the vaccination data, both downloadable on the smartphone.

As an alternative to Authcode, you can use the following unique codes received:

  • of the molecular buffer (CUN)
  • rapid antigen buffer (NRFE)
  • certificate of healing (NUCG)

Symphony e-Covid app for vaccination certificate

Through this app it is not possible to obtain the official Green Pass, but only and exclusively the certificate certifying the vaccination. Within this certificate there will be important and official information regarding your vaccination so we believe thee-Covid Symphony app of the Campania Region a great tool.

How to get the Green Pass without digital tools

Not everyone has technological means, such as a computer or a smartphone. In this case, those who are entitled to the Green Pass can contact their own directly general practitioner or to the pediatrician.

In addition, it will be possible to apply for COVID-19 green certification too going to the pharmacy equipped with a health card. The Green Pass will be issued in paper or digital format.

What to do if you are unable to obtain the Green Pass

Unfortunately, it may happen that you do not receive the green certificate due to technical problems or other problems: does not arrive on the Io app, no mail arrives, it is not found on the Government website and no replies to the pec are received. In these cases, the code to receive the Green Pass has not been generated, therefore the Green Certification does not appear in the system and cannot be found for this reason.

What to do? From the Ministry of Health they communicate that the procedure to follow is to go to the general practitioner, to the pharmacy or, better, to the hub where you have been vaccinated and have your data entered again, those present on the immunization sheet. This will generate a new code.

Furthermore, a self-service area will soon be available on the Government website where it will be possible to generate your own code yourself.

What to do if you are temporarily without a Green Pass

While waiting to receive the new code and download the Green Pass, you can show the vaccination certificate which will be valid until 12 August and will replace the Green Pass both in Italy and in Europe. It must also be in English.

How long does the Green Pass last

The duration of the Green Pass differs depending on the service to which it is connected:

  • if you have a single dose of vaccine, in the case of vaccines that require two doses, it will be valid from the 15th day after inoculation and will be valid until the second dose;
  • in case of second dose or single dose (of a two-dose vaccine) administered because you were already infected and cured (in this case you only receive one dose), it will be valid 270 days, then about 9 months;
  • in case of single-dose vaccine, the certificate will be generated after 15 days and will be valid 270 days;
  • in case of negative buffer, it will be generated after a few hours and will be valid 48 hours from the time of collection;
  • in case of recovery from the disease, the document will be generated the next day and will be valid for 180 days, that is 6 months

How to recognize fake Green Passes

Unfortunately, it seems that bogus green passes are starting to run, produced with more varied methods.
Although many are already at first glance clearly false, others are almost identical to the originals, but do not despair: there is a method to verify their authenticity through the app Verification C19.

We have dealt with the topic in detail in our in-depth study on how to recognize fake Green Passes.

Fines and penalties for those without a Green pass, how much are you likely to pay?

Well yes, from the start of the obligation, the fines will also begin to flock for those who access the services and events, for which the Green Pass is mandatory, without the aid of the latter.

How high are the penalties?

Fines currently range from 400 1000 to EUR and, in case of infringement, they will be issued both for the user without a valid Green Pass, either for the merchant or the manager, who will be held responsible for unauthorized entries, hence the obligation of verification by the same.

Does the fine remain valid if the Green Pass has expired?

Yes, the decree equates those who do not have a Green Pass or those who try to access with an invalid Green Pass (a fake) to those who owns one but expired, even if recently. So pay attention to the expiration date!

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