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The appointment that has been taking place every for many years is back March 19 at the Palapartenope Theater of Naples to remember our Pino Daniele on the occasion of what would have been his name day, but also to celebrate his birthday, which fell on this very day.

Also this Saturday the great event that is always long awaited by the Neapolitans and which is called Je sto Vicino a te, the memorial dedicated to Pino Daniele there will be on 19 March 2022 right at the Palapartenope.

Since the death of Pino Daniele, which took place in 2015, every year he is remembered with this concert-tribute in which so many of his musician friendsand not only that, they propose their songs on stage, both by re-arranging them in a personal and exciting way, and by playing them with their traditional score.

This year we celebrate what would have been the 67esimo birthday of Pino Daniele with the memorial organized to his brother Nello and produced by Rino Manna, founder of the Palapartenope.

As always, the concert will be price quotation.

Live on Rai 3

A beautiful novelty is the live on Rai 3, then on national public TV, an initiative that will allow the whole country to follow the concert with the exceptional guests that will be there.

Tribute concert for Pino Daniele

The artists present at the concert

Among colleagues, friends and great musicians, the guests will be:

  • Ron
  • Mario Biondi
  • Francesco Baccini
  • Bold type
  • Peppe Barra
  • In Daniel
  • Andrea Sannino
  • Enzo Gragnaniello
  • Tony Esposito
  • Cristina Donadio
  • Root

and some Special guest as:

  • Adrian Pennino
  • Saturnine
  • Gigi DeRienzo
  • Antonio Annona
  • Tony Cercola
  • Ernesto Vitolo
  • Remo Anzovino 

some young talents including:

  • Niña of the South
  • Gianmarco Gridelli
  • Loredana Daniele,

There will also be the intervention of the writer Maurizio de Giovanni. The evening will be presented by Alexander the Greek Daria Luppino, while Radio Kiss Kiss Italy will report on the event by interviewing the guests.

How to book the free event

As for every edition, the concert will be free, but it will be necessary book your ticket online. To do this, just go to the Palapartenope site and fill out the form. You can only book one ticket per person.

About Je I'm near you


19 March 2022


Palapartenope Theater, via Corrado Barbagallo 115

Working hours:



free with reservation on Palapartenope site

  • Where: Palapartenope Theater
  • When: Saturday 19 March 2022, from 21pm
  • Price: the event is free
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