Discodays, 13's complete 2013 October program

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autumn edition of discodays in October 2013

October Discodays program full of events: the 99 Posse was also awarded. Visitors can win tickets for the Pino Daniele concert

THEAutumn edition of the Discodays, which will take place on Sunday 13 October, promises to be full of surprises and interesting events. The program of the event, in fact, also aims to reward emerging artists or musicians who have contributed, with their art, to improve the musical landscape of our country, as well as the society in which we live.

Next Sunday, therefore, in addition to being able to immerse ourselves in the world of vinyl thanks to the dozens of stands present at the Casa della Musica, we will also be able to attend exhibition areas and exhibitions. First of all, the cultural association, also partner of the event, will be presented in the morning, "Blues Angels ". We will continue with the publication of the picture disc of Mario Musella's posthumous album, entitled “Goodbye” and produced in edition.

99 can be awarded to the 2013 discodays

In the afternoon, instead, at 17.30 KATRES, stage name of Teresa Capuano, will present her work in the studio. Katres is a Sicilian singer-songwriter who has always lived in Naples and her record is titled “Farfalla a Valvole” and was awarded as the Mtv NewGeneration record of the week.

As regards the awards given to single artists and musical groups, the awards ceremony will begin at 18.30. We will start with the most important delivery: the "DiscoDays Award" attributed to the Neapolitans 99 Posse, "For their important production and for the twentieth anniversary of the album 'Curre curre guagliò', with which they have given life to a fervent musical direction and provided a cultural contribution that goes beyond the mere artistic sphere".

We will continue, thanks to the collaboration with the "Festival Network“, With the awarding of Gennaro Porcelli, "for the inspiration and authenticity found and for the remarkable artistic contribution towards the panorama of blues music ”.

The surprises do not end here and, for the first time in our city, the exhibition will be present "All you need is paint": an itinerant pictorial exhibition created by more than 60 artists, all dedicated to the fabulous Beatles.
In addition, the ten photographs competing in the final of the third edition of the national photographic competition "Musica a Scatti" will be exhibited. The winner of the contest will have the opportunity to set up a personal gallery during the next spring edition of the fair.

We would also like to remind you that the day will be set up for the entire duration of the event "Save The Vinyl ", by the vinyl DJs: a location where it will take place "Vinyl Session", a program of lessons in mixing techniques, especially dedicated to DJs.

Finally, the prize competition could not be missing: the visitors of the Discodays, who will leave their own contact at the entrance, will be able to compete for the extraction of 2 tickets for one of the three concerts that Pino Daniele will be held at Palartenope in December.


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