We explore the Universe, planets and starry skies on display at the Auchan in Naples

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Stars, planets and celestial phenomena will be the protagonists of "Let's explore the Universe" at the Auchan in Naples!

From 31 October at 15 November 2015, Auchan Shopping Center of Naples host "Let's explore the universe", the educational-scientific exhibition dedicated to the whole family.

The event, organized by the Municipality of Naples and the Capodimonte Astronomical Observatory, will immerse young and old in a Appointment program full of activities.

In this regard, at the gallery of the building will be set up a Planetarium with multimedia dome screen and 3D digital projector that, through three-dimensional effects, will transport visitors in a beautiful and realistic space travel, where the planets and all the celestial phenomena will be shown.

In the Parthenope Room instead, there will be an extraordinary one Astrography exhibition, composed of the exceptional images taken by the most famous Italian astrophotography.

In particular, the event will be dedicated to children and to school groups who can learn, through guided tours organized, the laws and beauties that govern the universe.

All surrounded by 80 stores and spaces dell'Auchan, where it will be possible to do Shopping and entertain pleasantly, making the atmosphere even more fun and exciting.

Information on We explore the universe

When: from 31 October to 15 November 2015
Where: Auchan Shopping Center, Via Argine 380
Information: 0257585075 | 3402187481 | press.stampa@auchan.it

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