Montesanto funicular, service suspended on 23 October

Montesanto funicular Naples

In the context of public transport in Naples, important news has emerged: the temporary suspension of the Montesanto funicular service.

The announcement, coming directly from ANM (Neapolitan Mobility Company), arouses interest and concern among commuters and service users also because The timing of the resumption of travel is not yet known.

Suspension of service

ANM has officially made it known that the service relating to Montesanto funicular is temporarily suspended from 9am on 20 October. An interruption that represents a significant inconvenience for those who use this means of transport on a daily basis.

Causes of suspension

Currently, the reasons that led to the suspension have not been explicitly communicated by the institution.

The indeterminacy of the situation generates doubts and questions among users, leaving open questions about the duration of the interruption and its possible consequences.

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Written by Gennaro Marchesi
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