Giorgia Meloni responds to criticism: more cash and 3% VAT cut on diapers

Giorgia Meloni, the first female premier
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Giorgia Meloni, a few days after the election of the new Government, reiterates her objectives in her speech to the Chamber: more measures to help families, VAT cut of up to 3% on diapers and other early childhood goods and increase of the cash ceiling from 2000 to 10 thousand euros.

A a few days after the new government took office, Giorgia Meloni, in his keynote speech to the House, he reiterated what his goals as prime minister will be.

With the Italian families increasingly pressed by dear energy, from inflation and from costs of essential goods, Such as foodstuffs, the deputy stressed, once again, that the family will be the focus of its executive and that, precisely for this reason, measures will be studied for help families, especially the most fragile ones, in this very difficult historical period.

Among the measures in the program, also a single check, free nurseries open until the evening and, last but not least, the VAT cut (up to 3%) on basic goods for early childhood, such as diapers, formula, baby bottles, and more.

Not just aid for families: here are the other proposals put on the table by the Meloni government

Besides new aid for families, which should materialize with the next Budget Law, at young couples who intend to buy their first home and companies that favor female employment, the Meloni government has put another proposal on the plate, which the PD did not like.

It would be a measure, already advanced by the deputy of the League Alberto Bagnai, to raise the cash ceiling from the current 2000 to 10 thousand euros.

The initiative, as underlined by the deputy premier Matteo Salvini, look at reduce bureaucracy and give Italians more freedom regarding the purchases with cash, but the vice president of the PD, Franco Mirabelli, harshly criticized it, arguing:

"If carried out, this initiative will make it more difficult to control money flows and, in addition to tax evasion, will also promote money laundering."

And criticisms have also come from vice president of the EU Commission, who said that yes, the cash must always be available, but to avoid the danger of riciclaggio di denaro:

"As a Commission we would prefer the lowest possible ceilings."

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