Memorial Day at Palazzo Donn'Anna in Naples on the Shoah Memorial

Palazzo Donn'Anna in Naples
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In Naples, the 2020 Day of Remembrance is celebrated at Palazzo Donn'Anna with an important meeting on the Memorial of the Shoa in Milan.

In the city of Napoli on the occasion of International Holocaust Remembrance Day 2020, De Felice Foundation he organized a Palazzo Donn'Anna on January 27th from 17 pm the meeting “21, the black track of indifference. The memorial of the Shoah in Milan from the invisible to the visible ".


To celebrate this important event there will be among the guests Jacques Gruber, Professor Emeritus of the Mendrisio Academy of Architecture and Lausanne Polytechnic, who published the book “Architecture of the indelible. Two Holocaust memorials. Milan and Drancy ".

Among the guests also Guido Morpurgo and Annalisa De Curtis, the architects who designed the Milan Shoah Memorial, the only place where deportations to Europe took place that has remained completely intact.

To open the event on Youth Choir The Voices of 48, directed by the master Salvatore Murru.

The Shoah memorial in Milan

It is a very important place, located under the Milan central station, which is bound by the Ministry for Cultural Heritage for its historical and cultural value.

In that place thousands of Jews were placed on the freight wagons that led to Auschwitz and Mauthausen and among the few survivors there was Liliana Segre.

Information on the event at Palazzo Donn'Anna

Where: Palazzo Donn'Anna, Largo Donn'Anna, 9 (via Posillipo), Naples

When: 27 January 2020

Hours: 17 Hours: 30

Price: Free admission while seats last

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