Grand Carnival of Maiori and the Chocolate Festival with parades of allegorical floats: programme

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in Maiori the special appointment with the Grand Carnival, this year the event celebrates its forty-ninth edition. Specifically the events will take place from 16 to 26 February 2023.

In conjunction with the carnival, the Chocolate Festival, in short, one more reason to come to the wonderful town on the Amalfi coast and taste the best chocolate in Italy with the master chocolatiers of Choco On Tour.

The theme of Carnival 2023 in Maiori

Like every year, this year too, the Grand Carnival of Maiori will include masked parades and the release of allegorical floats that will have to follow the theme chosen for this year, i.e. the protection of the oceans and the planet, in line with the agenda 2030 UNESCO for sustainable development.

The Five Floats

Neptune can be saved

  • The “Rio” Association presents Neptune can be saved. The main mask is Neptune, the King of the Seas and encloses the whale inside. A tribute to raising awareness of ocean conservation.


  • The ADS Association presents The Neverland, with a giant panda with its cub, as a symbol against the extinction of the species.

The Master trash, starred chef in gourmet trash

  • The Association The Invisibles, presents The Master trash, starred chef in gourmet trash, which features the garbage master, a chef who uses the waste that pollutes the waters of the seas as secret ingredients in his recipes, therefore plastic, glass bottles, and other objects. He is carried by a monstrous giant lobster

A future to save

  • The Monelli Association, presents A future to save, dedicated to climate change, a serious and important topic.

Don't be surprised Alice

  • The Diapason Association "The New Crazy" presents Don't be surprised Alice, with which you want to represent men and their delicate relationship with the environment. “What are you surprised Alice if we've come this far? What are you surprised if our planet is turning against us?”.

The program of the Grand Carnival

Here are some of the events organized for the Grand Carnival 2023 in Maiori. The complete program can be consulted on the official website of the event.

16 February

  • Hours: 10: 00
    Where: Marina (marquee)
  • What: Musical "Pinocchio"

17 February

  • Hours: 20: 30
  • Where: Marina (marquee)
  • What: Silvia Mezzanotte in concert, ex voice of Matia Bazar.

18 February

  • Hours: 18: 30
  • Where: Marina (marquee)
  • What: Cosplay contest, AmalfiCoast Major Fun, first edition (free entry)

19 February

  • Hours: 11: 30
  • Where: from Via Nuova Chiunzi
  • What: Parade of allegorical floats and dance groups
  • Hours: 15: 30
  • Where: from the crossroads via Nuova Chiunzi to the Tourist Port
  • What: Parade of allegorical floats and dance groups and fireworks display on the avenue to the sea
  • Hours: 20: 30
  • Where: Tourist Port amphitheater
  • What: Performances Stage Dance Groups

20 February

  • Hours: 15: 30
  • Where: Marina (marquee)
  • What: The masks and bubble show by Stefano Mauriello "The Bubble Artist" (free admission and registration)
  • Hours 23:00
  • Where: Marina (marquee)
  • What: Carnival Party (paid event)

21 February

  • Hours 15:00
  • Where: Lungomare Capone at the Tourist Port
  • What: Parades of allegorical floats and dance groups

24 February

  • Hours 20:30
  • Where: Tourist port (round structure)
  • What: Disco Music Revival Special Guest Daniele Vitale Sax (free event)

25 February

  • Hours 17:30
  • Where: Palazzo Mezzacapo
  • What: “Answer if you know – Let's save the planet”. Classic themed event Disney with the historic comics that the participants will be honored with. (free entry)
  • Hours 20:30
  • Where: Marina (marquee)
  • What: Paolo Caiazzo in "Terroni was born and I was born ... modestly" (free admission by reservation)

26 February

  • Hours 11:30 and 15:30
  • Where: from via Nuova Chiunzi (11am) and from the Via Nuova Chiunzi intersection at the Tourist Port (30pm)
  • What: Parade of allegorical floats and dance groups
  • Hours 20:30
  • Where: Tourist Port amphitheater
  • What: Stage Performances for Dance Groups and Award Ceremonies

Information and contacts

  • Where: Maiori
  • When: from Thursday 16 February 2023 to Sunday 26 February 2023
  • Closed on days:
    • Wednesday February 22 2023
    • Thursday February 23 2023
  • Price: the event is free
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