The Carnival of Villa Literno with floats, live shows and parades

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Il Carnival of Villa Literno is an event that has achieved much success since its inception in 1985. Renowned in the panorama of Italian Carnivals, its Story of this festival officially begins in 1985, with the construction of the first allegorical float, marking the start of a constantly evolving journey which for 2023 will arrive at Villa Literno on the days of11-12-18-19-21 Febbraio 2023.

A group of about XNUMX extras gives life to a fantastic live show that will last 5 days. Theatrical performances, musicals and of course parades by floats more than 15 meters high, all following a philosophy planet and ethically correct, both for the use of recycled materials in the construction of the floats and masks and for the actuality of the topics dealt with which have a strong civil and moral impact.

To make the Carvale di Villa Literno even more exciting, the whole paese si turns in a location of Masks, accessories, scenography and much more with the support of citizens and their homes.

We recall that the Carnival of Villa Literno has obtained numerous awards nationally and internationally, including participation as a guest in the International Conference Carnivals of Europe (2002), the combination with the National Lotteries (2007) and much more.

  • Where: Villa Literno
  • When:
    • Saturday February 11 2023
    • Sunday February 12 2023
    • Saturday February 18 2023
    • Sunday February 19 2023
    • Tuesday February 21 2023
  • Prezzi:
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