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A twist that, in itself, everyone expected, especially after the drift of the GF Vip 7: Pier Silvio Berlusconi, given the controversies and protests that have come from viewers in recent months, he would have decided to completely revolutionize Alfonso Signorini's program. So the curtain falls on the GF Vip, but what will we see in its place? Here are the guesses.

Pier Silvio Berlusconi, after what happened during the GF VIP 7, seems more than determined to continue with his revolution of Mediaset's flagship programmes. And so, after giving even a squeeze to theIsland of the Famous 2023 (and vetoed some competitors judged too "trash"), the entrepreneur decided to cancel the GF Vip as we know it now and to "go back to basics".

In a nutshell? Alfonso Signorini, as revealed today by Dagospia, will be reconfirmed as manager, but in the most spied on house in Italy, starting from September 2023, the competitors nip. A choice also dictated by budget needs, given that, for some years, more than VIPs have entered the house “series B parsley” (these are the exact words of Dagospia).

Big Brother, from September 2023 we'll change: here's what the other news will be

But it would not be the only one important decision taken from Pier Silvio Berlusconi because, in fact, from September 2023 another novelty will arrive: the reality show, instead of eight months like the last edition, will last three to maximum four months, as happened in the past, and the possibility of reducing, or even eliminating, the weekly doubling.

This will mean that the months from January to April (when theIsland of the Famous) will remain uncovered, so it is not excluded that, in these four months, Pier Silvio Berlusconi may decide to reintroduce others much-loved reality shows and who have been absent from Mediaset for a long time. An example above all? The mole, which has been moved to 2024, which could find its place in the months left uncovered by GF Vip.

Silence on the press instead regarding the opinionist, even if the rumors give Orietta Berti reconfirmed. Sonia Bruganelli, on the contrary, has already said that There will not be, so in its place could come Julia Salemi (even if the boyfriend Pier Paolo Pretelli, in an interview, said that the girlfriend will hardly leave the social post to become a columnist) or Soleil Sorgé.

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