The Pictorial Paradise, visit show in the Basilica of Santa Maria della Sanità

The Pictorial Paradise at the Basilica of Santa Maria della Sanità in Naples
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Guided tour and show at the original “Pictorial Paradise” event in the Basilica of Santa Maria della Sanità.

From November 6 to 29 January 2016, the Cooperative “La Paranza” organized, every Friday, an evening show visit entitled Pictorial Paradise, of Basilica of Santa Maria della Sanità, in the historic center of Naples.

The basilica, in Baroque style, it was built by the architect Fra Nuvolo and is easily visible from the Sanità bridge since it is decorated with yellow and green majolica. His pictorial heritage dates back to 1600 and preserves paintings by artists Luca Giordano ed Andrea Vaccaro, which transformed our city with the eccentric baroque trends learned in European salons.

In this exciting traveling event, the youth of the Health District, who are the soul of the Cooperative, will give light to the stories and characters of this place, which was defined as a "Templo vast, amplo et bello ", through which you enter the subsoil where there are the catacombs of San Gaudioso, which were an ancient paleochristian cemetery, where the persecuted Christians were gathered and the martyrs buried. The group also managed to recover the Catacombs of San Gennaro.

Information about Pictorial Paradise

When: every Friday evening, from 6 November 2015 to 29 January 2016
Schedule: to 20.00
Where: Basilica of Santa Maria della Sanità, Piazza Sanità 14
Contacts: show available by reservation at 0817443714 or

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