Poison, the power of poison in Naples: exhibition at Palazzo Fondi dedicated to poisons

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The international exhibition "Poison - The power of poison" arrives in Naples inaugurating the reopening of Palazzo Fondi.

The 14 March 2018 exhibition beginsPoison - The power of poison", Which, in about 1000 square meters of exhibition space, immerses the public in the world of poisons illustrating the operation and its lethal diffusers, both in the form of plants and animals. The exhibition will be open to visitors until Sunday 1 July 2018 and to host it is Palazzo Fondi, in Naples.

Visitors will be accompanied on their way by a biologist who will explain to them the most interesting aspects and the use that today can be made of poisons. Furthermore, they will be available admire live animal and plant specimens famous for their lethality, such as the Black Widow, the South American pink Migale or the yellow-gold frog of the Chocó forest.

There will also be no lack of references to famous ones historical events related to the use of poison: from Socrates to the emperor Claudius, passing through the events of Cleopatra to those of Lucrezia Borgia up to more recent history. The scientific review is edited by Prof. Enzo Moretto, entomologist, director of the Esapolis Museum in Padua and scientific consultant of the Rai Geo & Geo program.

Information on "Poison - The power of poison"

When: from 14 March 2018 to 1 July 2018

Where: Palazzo Fondi, Via Medina 24

Working hours:: every day from 10:00 to 19:00


  • Adults € 12,00

  • Reductions (students, over65, 3-12 children) € 10,00

Information: Official website | Event page

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