President Mattarella in Procida and Acerra: double visit to the Capital of Culture and Liberation

The President Sergio Mattarella
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Il President of the Republic Sergio Mattarella will be visiting Campania twice in the next few days, precisely in the province of Naples, a Procida and to Acerra. The first time over the weekend, the 9 April 2022, to attend and attend the inauguration ceremony of the long program of Procida Capital of Culture, while the second time the April 25 in Acerra to celebrate the Liberation Day.

As we know, the island of Procida has been named the Italian Capital of Culture and thousands of events will take place throughout the year in its beautiful territory involving associations, individuals, citizens and institutions.

Procida 2022 inauguration

The long party of the ceremony of inaugurazione which will give away the program will last 7 hours and will also include, at the end of the day of 9 April, the institutional celebrations with President Mattarella.

Here the program, which, however, you can consult in detail in our dedicated article:

  • 14.00 hours: departure from the Port of Naples with boarding on the ferry to Procida watching the show "The suspended piano"With the pianist Renata Benvegnù in flight;
  • 16.30 hours: in Piazza Marina Grande in Procida the open air theatrical representation "Moby Dick " with the transformation of a wagon ship into the legendary white whale;
  • 18.00 hours: the Great Parade who will cross the island;
  • 19.00 hours: traveling show with "Les Tambours et Poupées auteurs dans un univers aquatique"of Trans Express from Piazza della Repubblica;
  • 19.45 hours: in the village of Marina Corricella il architectural visual show where on the houses with Mediterranean architecture the mysterious myths of the sea will take shape. The show will be repeated at 20.45pm and 21.45pm and on Sunday 10 April at 19.45pm, 20.45pm, 21.45pm and 22.45pm;
  • at sunset: inauguration of a beautiful luminary at the entrance of via Vittorio Emanuele;
  • 18.40 hours: it begins the institutional ceremony with the President of the Republic Sergio Mattarella in the former convent of Santa Margherita Nuova in Terra Murata with the Fanfare of the Carabinieri. There will be institutional greetings from Dino Ambrosino, Mayor of Procida, Vincenzo De Luca, President of the Campania Region, Dario Franceschini, Minister of Culture, e Agostino Riitano, Director of Procida 2022 and then the intervention of the President of the Republic Sergio Mattarella;
  • to follow, a report on the theme of the hope of Giovanni D'Antonio, a young 18-year-old from Campania who ranked first in Europe, and fourth in the world, among the best students of philosophy. He will be accompanied by the music of the guitarist Osvaldo Di Dio.
Moby Dick in Procida
Photo credit: Alessia Cocconi

Acerra Gold Medal for Civil Value

On the day of the Liberation Day, which commemorates the liberation of our country from Nazi-fascism, the President of the Republic has chosen to go to Acerra because the municipality in the province of Naples is one of those awarded the Gold Medal for Civil Value.

The award was given to Acerra in 1999 for activities during the Resistance with the following motivation:

In the aftermath of the armistice, the subject of a ruthless and bloody reaction by the German occupier who had gone through the arms of numerous civilians, including elderly women and children, and set fire to a large part of the town and infrastructure, he faced the most severe sufferings with pride and then, with great courage and a generous spirit of solidarity, he embarked on the difficult one reconstruction work. September-October 1943

The visit of President Mattarella represents a very important gesture which further recognizes the value of those who during the war fought for the protection of their rights and to free themselves from the German occupiers.

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