The City of Robots in Edenlandia, in Naples over 50 latest generation robots

The City of Robots in Naples
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THEEdenlandia di Napoli has recently announced the arrival of a beautiful novelty in the Fuorigrotta playground: let's get ready for City of Robots!

From Friday 18 March to 5 June 2022 in the theater Palaeden ofEdenlandia a large exhibition dedicated entirely to robots will be hosted. They will be present more than 50 robot models with which anyone can interact.

The exhibition is organized by Shake Up Srl and has already done the world Tour touching 11 cities and from March to Naples to show us all the news in the field of robotics through innovative prototypes and robots already in use. The event is a partnership with ICAROS center (Interdepartmental Center for Advances in Robotic Surgery) e the University of Naples Federico II.

Surely the little ones will have a lot of fun, but we do not doubt that we adults will also be attracted to these fascinating models.

The most innovative robots on display

In this exhibition entitled The City of Robots there will be:

  • latest generation robots;
  • robots that interpret human feelings;
  • robot-fish;
  • pet robots;
  • home robots;
  • robots dancing;
  • robots giving personal training lessons.

All the robots in the show have their own funny names, like Socibot, Aibo and Pepper and they can carry out specific actions with the public making us take an exciting journey between humanoids and androids.

And they are just some of the amazing activities that we will see these models do. It will be an exhibition that will not only entertain us, but will also help us understand how they can be there useful robots in everyday life.

Emotional robot

What are the robots we will meet


It is a robot dog that learns from the commands of its human. He is good, kind and faithful, but if you treat him badly he becomes temperamental. He can play, move, communicate with his owner and wake up after a nap (Sony developer).


A kitten with great interaction skills and has been designed to become the perfect waiter. She can avoid obstacles, her bionic language is very cutting edge, and her AI-powered voice capabilities allow her to chat with clients. 


A funny and intelligent girl-robot. Kiki knows how to recognize people, communicate, answer questions. She could one day become a shop assistant or waitress because she can move just like humans (AlfaRobotics).


It is the famous accessory for game consoles which, through infrared cameras, can record body movements and process them in real time. Based on our movements, the sensor transforms the received data into movements of our virtual character (Microsoft).


It is apparently a container with sand, but it also has infrared cameras and sensors to determine the height of what you are building (iSandBOX).


The gymnast and dancer robot is very famous in Asian video clips. It is equipped with 16 patented servomotors that allow it to move realistic and complex, such as balancing on one leg or on the head (Ubtech Alpha).


With his house-shaped body and straw hair, he is the best friend of children. He knows how to tell fairy tales, jokes and poems and foretells the future. He also knows how to play the roller organ. It can be used as a support and help for children (Robodem).

Little robots in Edenlandia


It is an innovative and modern vibration simulator. It is based on vibration and the ability to relax muscles quickly. During this massage tiredness is not perceived and the cardiovascular system is not tired, but the muscles are stressed. After 10 minutes to be done 2-3 times a week you will get results equal to a complete workout (US Medica, Alexander Sannikov).


He is the tender and emotional robot, with very expressive facial expressions. He is very good as a playmate and an excellent teacher who knows how to dialogue and talk with the students. He knows how to react to physical contact, he talks, gets excited, jokes and tells jokes (Robopec).


It is a robot capable of "freezing" time and creating a 3D video. It is made up of ten aligned Canon cameras that take a photo at the same time. In perfect Matrix style (Eadweard Muybridge).


It allows us to play a fruit! With its special sensor, Orchestra Vegetale has cables that on the one hand are connected to the tablet to reproduce sounds and, on the other, to the fruits (Playtronica).


The world's first biometric aquarium fish robot. It has waterproof joints and can dive to a depth of 10 meters. It is used as a decoration in aquariums and is fundamental in the study of not very deep lakes. It is bright and attracts the most curious fishes managing to catch them from a close distance (Miro).

Robot fish


The first robot in the world with a "heart" and "emotions. He has HD cameras and distance sensors, recognizes the environment around him and knows how to react to the emotions of others. He can perform many tasks, in fact he can be a babysitter or a caretaker and has excellent self-learning and self-development skills. When he doesn't know something, he uses the internet to learn more (Bruno Maisonnier, Aldebaran Robotics).

Segway Loom

An autopilot-based robot: it is the first segway that takes you where you want using GPS systems and maps to build routes and move independently. He can take pictures and shoot videos thanks to the HD video camera (Segway Robotics, Brian Krzanich).


His name is Diego and he knows how to memorize names and recognize the faces of over 1000 people. He is able to determine people's gender, age and emotions. He also knows how to work in crowded places, help with navigation, answer questions and communicate audio and video information (Promobot).


It is a sports simulator designed for exciting workouts. Its goal is to make restful training to not feel tired. Workouts with this robot strengthen the abdominal muscles, stabilizers and shoulders and also improve balance (ICAROS, Johannes Scholl and Michael Schmidt).


A helmet that gives a clear stereoscopic image with a 90 Hz refresh rate. It limits dizziness a lot while the virtual reality glasses make you immerse yourself in another world. This helmet is used for many games.


A robot united of its kind. The front of the head is one mask in transparent plastic with the contours of the eyes, nose, lips and chin. Above it the desired image is created using an integrated projector. Thus, Socibot can become anyone, he can change sex, nationality and age (Engineered Arts, Will Jackson).


A unique 3D printer that is only used in the industrial and space fields. It can print almost anything: prosthetics, bone and cartilage implants. It is being pioneered by scientists around the world who print organs such as the heart, kidneys and liver. ESA, the European Space Agency has plans to make a 3D lunar base and this realization could be facilitated by the use of a 3D printer of this type that uses lunar materials! (Zhejiang Flashforge 3D Technology Co).

Robot in Edenlandia

Information on The City of Robots


from the 18 March to the 5 June 2022


PalaEden theater ofEdenlandia, via JFKennedy 76

Opening hours

  • Tuesday to Friday from 15.30 to 20.30
  • Saturday, Sunday and holidays from 10.30 to 21.30



The City of Robots website | Facebook page The City of Robots | Edenlandia Facebook page

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