The Mergellina Funicular in Naples finally reopens after two years

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Finally the news that we have been waiting for so long arrives: the Mergellina Funicular in Naples reopens to the public after two years of closure and will do so by Tuesday 19 April 2022.

La first race will be at 12.30 and the timetable followed will be the ordinary Funicular timetable.

The timetables of the Funicular

Specifically, as indicated on the ANM website, the Mergellina Funicular will follow the following times:

  • first weekday run at 7.00
  • last weekday run at 20.00
  • first race Saturday 7.05 am
  • last run Saturday at 20.00
  • the frequency of the races is 20 minutes from Monday to Friday, while on Saturdays it is 40 minutes

With the reopening, it will be 621 shuttle bus abolished which obviated the closure of the funicular by making stops along its route.

Completed all the works

The reopening it was scheduled for summer, but the intense work of the last few months has made it possible to bring forward the date.

They are all over verifications which had been requested by the National Railway Safety Agency, obviously all with positive results, have ended i maintenance works and all the testing necessary.

Therefore, it can reopen in total safety and not only for the conclusion of the work, but also thanks to the hiring of new specialized personnel hired following a trade union agreement.

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