The history of the Neapolitan Tombola and its invention in the XNUMXth century

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In many ways, Maradona's life has been like a game of poker or a round of Slot and Manuchao (true lover of Naples) could not help but dedicate a song to him and sing that "vida es una tombola" to the "Argentinapoletano" champion.

The history of the Neapolitan Tombola game refers to the game of Lotto at least as regards the meaning of the numbers contained in the Smorfia, it is played by families during Christmas festivities and its origins date back to a few centuries ago.

The birth of the Neapolitan bingo: King Charles against Gregory

The origins of this game date back to 1734 in Naples ruled by King Charles of Bourbon and it is precisely from a dispute between him and his father Gregorio that the Tombola was born. At that time the game of Lotto was still illegal and was practiced clandestinely, King Charles wanted to legalize it during the Christmas period but his father Gregorio was against it because Lotto distracted the faithful from praying.

The game of Lotto was declared illegal but during the Christmas period the citizens began to play at home, the same Lotto numbers were placed in a wicker basket and drawn, cards were created that resembled the pillow (an object that at the time was used for embroidery) and above the numbers from 1 to 90 were drawn. Subsequently to each number a symbolic meaning was associated through the Smorfia, the book that collects all the meanings of the 90 numbers, here is the Neapolitan Bingo as well as the we know today.

The Tombola and its rules

The game is very simple and has never undergone any changes, each player buys cards in which there are three rows of random numbers for a total of 15 numbers, each card has a cost that forms the final prize pool which will then be divided. Whoever draws the numbers can participate in the game, as even the billboard with all 90 numbers is divided into folders, the price is higher than the single tiles.

From both to bingo: ways of winning

The prize money is divided into both, terno, quatern, cinquina and tombola. The both is the combination of two numbers on the same line and is the lowest prize, the triple is a combination of 3 numbers on the same line, the four of 4 and the five of 5. In proportion the prizes are always higher as many more numbers are present in the winning combination, to make Tombola it is necessary to fill the entire card and have all the numbers drawn, logically, this is the highest prize.

The main feature of the Neapolitan Tombola is that each number is connected with i meanings of the Grimace, consequently the game is a lot of fun because funny, vulgar and often derogatory symbols are named. This game has entered the playful history and is now famous all over the world, it is also present on online sites and there are many different versions.

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