Lorenzo Balducci at the Sannazaro Theater with EGO Extreme Game Over

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Lorenzo Balducci returns to the stage with a new show, this time at Sannazaro Theater of Naples with “EGO Extreme Game Over”. The appointment is scheduled from 22 and 24 March 2024. Balducci, social star, this time engages in a reflection onthe theme of death, of course, without losing its particular humor.

Who is Lorenzo Balducci and his success on Instagram

Lorenzo Balducci he established himself only later in the theaters but first his talent exploded Instagram, where he shared a series of reels that won over the social audience. She has played characters such as Holly from Holly and Benjy, Sailor Moon and even a scene in which she dances to the tune of Dirty Dancing, transporting the audience into endless laughter.

The previous successful stage shows

In his previous theatrical performances, Balducci explored various themes with a unique style that mixes humor, social criticism and reflection. "Not too cheerful" sold out in several cities, confirming Balducci's talent and his ability to involve the public.

Subsequently "Fake“, a Christmas show that touched the hearts of many at the Off Off Theater in Rome, demonstrated his versatility and desire to challenge himself and his audience, dealing with current and impactful topics.

EGO Extreme Game Over at the Sannazaro Theater

EGO Extreme Game Over, scheduled at Sannazaro Theater, promises to be an unmissable event. This show brings to light the theme of death from a new perspective, exploring how our awareness finitude can actually lead to a longer life authentic and satisfying.

Through examples ranging from extreme aesthetic practices to searches for contact beyond life, Balducci invites us to reflect on how modern society faces the fear of deathand, often turning it into an obsession with eternal youth and a multi-billion dollar industry. This show, with its ability to deal with profound topics in a fun and provocative way, confirms Balducci as a complete artist, capable of ranging from philosophy to pop culture with the same ease.

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