Metro Line 6, 22 new Hitachi trains produced in Italy arrive

hitachi trains metro line 6 of Naples

The city of Napoli is about to experience a significant one transformation in its public transport network, thanks to the recent agreement signed between Common e Hitachi Rail. With an investment of approx 200 million euro, this project involves the creation and implementation of 22 trains of the latest generation intended for line 6 of subway.

The production of 22 new trains for line 6 of the Naples metro is entrusted to the Italian Hitachi Rail factories, with a particular focus on the Naples site, where they work approximately 1.800 Guests.

A move that aims to significantly improve theefficiency and comfort of the services offered to citizens and visitors of the Neapolitan metropolis.

The order between the Municipality of Naples and Hitachi rail

Il City of Naples e Hitachi Rail have reached a historic agreement that marks a turning point for the city's public transport. The order, worth 200 million euro, is divided into several phases and represents a significant investment for the modernization of the company's fleet line 6 of the subway. The first phase, worth 60 million euro, involves the supply of six bidirectional metro trains, which will be delivered and put into service starting from 2026.

These new means of transport represent the cutting edge of railway technology, designed to meet the city's growing mobility needs and to offer a cutting-edge service in terms of safety, reliability and comfort.

The characteristics of the new trains

I 22 new trains intended for line 6 of the Naples metro, they stand out for their advanced technical characteristics and the use of innovative materials. Each train, the length of 39 meters, can accommodate up to 290 passengers, guaranteeing large spaces and high comfort. Modern design and cutting-edge technologies combine to offer an unprecedented travel experience.

A distinctive element of these trains is the adoption of latest generation safety systems, such asATP (Automatic Train Protection), which guarantees safe travel by constantly monitoring speed and checking compliance with safety distances. Furthermore, the new vehicles are equipped with a innovative air conditioning system, capable of adapting to different seasons, ensuring a comfortable environment for passengers at all times of the year.

The use of recyclable materials and planning oriented towards environmental sustainability they give trains not only a reduced ecological footprint but also greater resistance and durability over time.

The impact of new trains on urban mobility

The introduction of 22 new trains on line 6 of the Naples metro represents a significant step forward towards greater urban mobility efficient e planet. A modernization of the fleet that goes beyond that frequency will improve and the reliability of the service, but will also contribute to reduce crowding during peak periods, offering passengers more comfortable journeys and reduced waiting times.

The increase in transport capacity and the energy efficiency of the new trains will also have a positive impact on the environment, with a reduction in emissions and energy consumption. A project that is part of a larger one development plan of the Naples metropolitan network, aimed at promoting the use of public transport and reducing dependence on private cars, with tangible benefits in terms of air quality and urban traffic congestion.

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Written by Gennaro Marchesi
Image source: City of Naples
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