Naples, the underpass from the Port to Metro Line 1 opens. That's since

Port of Naples, works for the underpass

Naples is preparing to celebrate a significant event: the inauguration of the new underpass between the maritime station and Piazza Municipioscheduled for July 10.
This long overdue infrastructure marks a notable progress for city mobility, facilitating travel and at the same time enhancing the historical heritage of the city.

Archaeological discoveries and heritage enhancement

During the underpass construction works, archaeological finds have come to light of great importance.
These findings, which will be accessible to the public in the coming months, they add a unique charm to this project, combining the innovation of urban mobility with the rediscovery of the city's historical past.

A comfortable and safe journey to the center

The underpass will be equipped with a treadmill, which will allow citizens and tourists to reach the city center and the subway without having to cross busy roads.
This solution, which puts the maritime station in direct communication with lines 1 and 6 of the metro, represents an important innovation for hospitality in Naples, a city that continues to attract a growing number of visitors, fascinated by its artistic beauties.

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