The mother of Donato the TikToker was murdered, found dead at home

Donato Famous Tik Toker
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Una elderly woman, Giant Rose (72 years old), was discovered dead in her home in via Vicinale Sant'Aniello, in the neighborhood Plain in Naples. According to the first information collected, the death could have been caused by one fight between neighbors home. Death may have been caused by a blunt object found on site.

The woman was the mother of TikTok butcher Donato, famous for his panini get ready for social media in the Pignasecca workshop, with the final catchphrase “with breadcrumbs or without?”. This slogan made Donato known to the point of accumulating well 3 million followers.

Rosa Gigante, the victim with no criminal record

Rosa Gigante, with a clean record, would have accomplished 73 years old on August 26th. The woman was found lifeless in her home located in a complex of two-story houses in the Pianura district. The police are still carrying out investigations at the place where she was found, while rumors abound that attribute the death to a violent cause.

Hypothesis of murder following a dispute

Among the hypotheses being examined by the investigators, the one cannot be excluded of the murder following a dispute. Meanwhile, one crowd of onlookers gathered in front of the victim's home, composed mainly of women.

- investigators are considering the position of a womens currently subjected to interrogation by the prosecutor of Naples Maurizio De Marco and by the men of the Flying Squad of the Neapolitan police headquarters, coordinated by the manager Alfredo Fabbrocini.

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