Napoli - Frankfurt 3-0: highlights and summary of the Champions League match

Thursday, 16/03/2023
Vincenzo Napolitano
SSC Napoli players cheer after a win

Naples made history by beating Eintracht Frankfurt 3 to 0 and reaching the Champions League quarterfinals. This milestone, never reached before by the Neapolitans, is further proof of the fantastic season that Napoli is experiencing.

Here is a summary of what happened during Napoli - Eintracht Frankfurt, which ended 3 to 0.

Broad summary Naples – Frankfurt 3-0

Below is the summary and highlights of Napoli – Eintracht Frankfurt, which ended with the result of 3 to 0.

Naples – Frankfurt 1-0: first half summary

The kick-off is given by Napoli, who waste no time and al 2rd minute sees politan kick immediately from the edge towards the bottom corner of Trapp's goal, who manages to save the ball.

Al 9rd minute, Frankfurt earned a corner kick thanks to a shot from Knauff. BorrΓ© hits the ball with his head, but it ends wide on the left.

osimhen, 16rd minute, receives an excellent pass behind the German defence. The blue player shoots a low shot in the center, engaging Trapp in a difficult save. Three minutes later, al 19rd minute, Kvaratskhelia triggers one of his usual solo actions, sending the Frankfurt defense into a panic. The player, unfortunately, pushes too far towards the back, allowing Trapp to parry the ball addressed to the bottom right corner.

Al 43rd minute, again Kvaratskhelia: he finds himself in the small area and tries to place the ball in the center of the goal, but Trapp still manages to resist and foil everything.

The German Wall collapses at 2nd minute of recovery of the first half: great run by politan on the band that places a kiss assist for osimhen, who stuffs his head.

Naples – Frankfurt 3-0: first half summary

The second half begins as the first ended: osimhen, 53rd minute, receives an assist from By Lorenzo and bags with a half slide (which also causes him some problems with his hand and wrist) the unguarded German door.

Al 58rd minute, Frankfurt wastes the only real good opportunity they had: the Germans catch the Neapolitans on the counterattack, but they can't finish because Kamada and a teammate can't decide who should throw that ball. Meret thanks and takes the ball away from both of them.

Al 61rd minute, Kvaratskhelia he invents another one of his own and enters the opponent's area finishing with a shot towards the bottom right corner of the goal. Trapp replies present and parries.

Sow, al 62rd minute, lands Zielinski in the area, causing a penalty kick. The Pole goes on the spot and bags without too many problems.

The match ends with a Napoli that manages the result without wasting further energy.

The highlights of the match

Image source: SSC Naples Facebook profile
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