Naples, strike 24 January. Metro Line 1, bus and funicular timetables

1 Line of the Naples Metro

Here comes a new one strike of the public transport in Naples, precisely on Wednesday 24 January 2024, launched by the USB Trade Union Organization in compliance with the national strike.

The motivations behind these actions are multiple, ranging from issues of salary and safety at work to specific requests for the improvement of working conditions.

Metro line 1, timetable of January 24th

During the strike, the hours of the Metro Line 1 will undergo important changes:

  • First morning run: from Piscinola at 06 and from Garibaldi at 30.
  • Last run morning: from Piscinola at 09 and from Garibaldi at 12.
  • The service will resume with the first afternoon ride from Piscinola at 17 pm and from Garibaldi at 00 pm.
  • Last evening ride: guaranteed by Piscinola at 19pm and by Garibaldi at 33pm.

Surface lines (trams, buses, trolleybuses)

for surface lines, such as trams, buses and trolleybuses, the ANM has provided the following guaranteed service time slots:

  • Morning: from 5 to 30.
  • Sera: from 17pm to 00pm. The last departures will be made 20 minutes before the start of the strike and will resume approximately 00 minutes after its conclusion.

Mergellina, Centrale and Montesanto funiculars

As for the funiculars (Mergellina, Centrale and Montesanto), the changes to the timetables are as follows:

  • Last morning run: guaranteed at 09.20 am.
  • Resumption of service: first afternoon ride at 17.00 pm.
  • Last evening ride: at 19 pm. The Chiaia plant will remain closed, with an NC shuttle service active following the bus guarantee bands.

Strike Vesuviana, Cumana, Flegrea and Aversa

For further details, please refer to the article dedicated to the EAV strike

Source: ANM
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Written by Andrew Navarro
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