Napoli Unplugged: the second edition of the music festival is underway

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From 26 January to 22 March 2024 the long-awaited event will take place second edition di Naples Unplugged at the “Porta del Parco” Auditorium in Bagnoli. The initiative is part of the broader project Naples City of Music and is organized by the Brodo E.T.S. Cultural Association. under the artistic direction of Viola Bufano.

In particular, there are plans four musical dates which will take place on Friday evening and which will be dedicated to the most important singer-songwriters of the Neapolitan music scene, in an unplugged version.

There will be several guests and among them: DADA', Gnut, Francesco Di Bella, Francesco Forni and Ilaria Graziano. But let's see the four-day program in detail.


Here are the appointments for second edition of Napoli Unplugged:

  • 26 January: guest DADA' a singer-songwriter whose style is a mix between Neapolitan culture and world music with club and electronic influences.
  • February 9: second appointment on Friday 9 February 2024 with GNUT Neapolitan singer-songwriter.
  • 1 March: it will be the turn of Francesco Di Bella the leader of the musical group 24 Grana who with his enthusiasm and energy will give life to an engaging show.
  • 22 March: last appointment with Francesco Forni and Ilaria Graziano, two artists who come together to create “From Bedlam to Lenane”. An incredible success that led them to tour Italy with more than 80 concerts and openings, including Alcatraz and Rock in Rome.

The entrance for all shows it is at 20:30 and the start of the same is at 21:00. It is recommended to carry out thepurchasing the ticket online.

Contacts and information

Official website

  • Where: "Porta del Parco" Auditorium in Bagnoli
  • When:
    • Friday January 26 2024
    • Friday February 09 2024
    • Friday 01 March 2024
    • Friday 22 March 2024
  • Prezzi:
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Written by Serena De Luca
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