Night of San Lorenzo 2016 in Naples and in Campania: where to observe the shooting stars

Night of San Lorenzo 2016 in Naples and Campania
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The most evocative events to observe the shooting stars in Naples and Campania in the Night of San Lorenzo 2016!

If you do not know where to go to see the splendid show of the Night of San Lorenzo 2016 in Naples and Campania, we recommend some of the most interesting events.

The falling stars of the August 10th, which can be observed even in the next two or three nights, are one of the most anticipated annual events, both by experts and by simple enthusiasts.
Staying in the city will be possible to observe them, even if the lights of the houses and streets can make everything more difficult.

By following our advice, however, you can be amazed thanks to the help of the amateur of the various associations that participated in the organization of the events.

Below, all our tips for the Night of San Lorenzo.

Campano Amphitheater

amphitheater-CampanianYou can admire both the suggestive shooting stars from the immense universe and the sports stars participating in the Olympics. In fact, in addition to the Night of Wishes with observation of the meteors, there will also be giant screens that will broadcast sports competitions. At the organic restaurant Amico Bio you can take a drink of your choice between aperibio, pizza, organic dinner, black pig from Caserta, biodynamic wines and desserts and eat at the tables set in the lawn of the Amphitheater. Also expected a literary appointment with the writer Valerio Ceva Grimaldi, who will present the series of unusual and secret Guides.


  • Amico Bio Arena Spartacus - Campanian Amphitheater
  • Piazza Adriano - Santa Maria Capua Vetere

Schedule: by 20.00
Info: 08231831093 | |Facebook

Mandolins under the stars

As every year, the Mandolins under the Stars event will take place in Piazza del Plebiscito, this time with the participation of the Neapolitan Amateur Astronomers Union. After the concert that will pay homage to the classic Neapolitan song, the experts of the Association will make us observe the sky in order to better see the shooting stars of the Night of San Lorenzo.

Where: Piazza del Plebiscito
Info: ours article on the concert in the square.

Vesuvius under the Stars

Vesuvius at nightOne of the most fascinating excursions in our region, the one that will lead you to the discovery of the Vesuvio. The guides of the National Park they will take you on a path that crosses the Tirone Alto Vesuvio Forest Reserve Hill-Mountain. It will be an unmissable opportunity to admire the splendid show of shooting stars as the place will certainly be little touched by light pollution.

Where: Tirone Alto Vesuvio Forest Reserve
Info: more details indedicated article.

Monte Faito

The AstroCampania Association Stabia-Sorrentine Peninsula section organized an evocative evening for free observation of the Perseids, but also nebulae and clusters of the Milky Way, of Saturn and the stars of the summer sky. There will be telescopes available to the participants and also all the available amateur astronomers.

Where: Belvedere Bar, Piazzale dei Capi 1, Monte Faito, Vico Equense (Na)
Schedule: by 20.30
Info: 0818793044 (Giacomo) | | Astrocampania website


ArenileFor the Night of San Lorenzo you can also spend a few hours dancing on the enthralling music of the Black on the Beach Pool Party, with free admission for all before 23.30 pm. There will be DJ sets with hip hop, reggaeton, dancehall and R&B music. Between one drink and another, remember to keep your nose up to be able to observe some comets that will pass in the sky!

Where: Arenile Reload, via Coroglio 14b
Info: 0815706035 | Facebook page

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