Vesuvius Under the Stars, night-time guided tours along the paths of the National Park

Vesuvius under the stars, guided tours at night
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With Vesuvius under the stars you can discover the suggestive volcano at sunset and its nocturnal landscapes!

The Vesuvio Nature Association to Explore - AMV Laboratory invites you to a review of night walks on Vesuvius. The appointment with "Vesuvius Under the Stars" is for every evening from the 9 to the 14 August 2016. The guides of the National Park will lead the participants to the discovery of the Tirone Alto Vesuvio Forest Reserve.

An opportunity not to be missed to admire the beauty of the volcano at sunset and its suggestive landscapes wrapped in the light of the moon. The excursion features a low difficulty level, with a journey of about 5 total kilometers and a travel time of about 4 hours. The difference in height is about 50 meters.

Logistic information

The excursion will take place in the Collina-Montagna Forest Reserve Tirone Alto Vesuvio. The appointment is at 19 at LabAMV, in via Osservatorio 55, Ercolano, 1 Km after passing the indications of the Vesuvian Observatory. You will find yourself next to the Douce Atmosphere Restaurant. If there is a need to contact the organizers, you can do so on 081 777 1132 (we advise that cell phones do not take in that area).

Recommended equipment

Below, the advice on the equipment to bring:

  • Hiking shoes with non-smooth sole, long trousers, layered clothing, warm winter sweatshirt or wool sweater, windproof k-way or coat, wool hat.
  • Backpack (no shoulder bags)
  • Camera
  • Water (1,5L) and packed lunch, goblet for drinking wine
  • Possibly sleeping bag

How to book

You can book by sending an email to indicating the chosen date, the number of people and at least one mobile phone number. Also indicate if you have a car and with the possibility of car sharing. The excursions start with a minimum of 8 people: in case of a lower number of booked, the latter will be merged into other dates, subject to availability. We remind you that it is necessary to book and confirm your presence at the excursion no later than the day of the event for 13:00 pm. When reservations are closed, if the weather is adverse or if the minimum number of participants (8) has not been reached, those booked will be contacted by phone or by email.

Information on Vesuvius Under the Stars

When: every night from 9 to 14 on August 2016
Where: Tirone Alto Vesuvio Forest Reserve
Working hours:: From the 19.30 23.00
Pricing: € 10 members | € 15 non-members
Info: Facebook event | LabAMV 0817771132
Guide contacts: Giulia 3333866577 | Stefano 3493939712

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