Night for 2015 Legality in Naples: the new white night of Vomero with music and shows

Night for the Legality in Naples
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Shows, concerts and itinerant events in the Vomero Night for Legality 2015!

In the night between the 24 and 25 October 2015, in the neighborhood Vomero of Naples will take place a series of events as part of the Night for legality, organized by the Municipality of Naples and the V Municipality.

Previously the hilly area of ​​Vomero had hosted the initiative Vomero Night, the white night that in three years of life has animated the neighborhood with interesting and engaging events that have reactivated the movida town and that this year will no longer be held.

The first edition of the Night for legality vwill be attended by all the Neapolitans, from associations to testimonials, from shopkeepers to passers-by, entertained by performances by street artists, music and concerts traveling through the main streets and squares, where the refreshment points will also remain open.
An evening whose goal is to raise awareness among citizens about "need to safeguard and protect the principles of individual and collective freedom“, At a critical moment for Naples, whose roads are becoming impervious due to organized crime.

For this they will remain exceptionally schools are also open, which are a place of growth where the teaching of civil liability and respect for the rules is fundamental.

A special will be established traffic device to make the event safer.

The places of the Night for legality

The areas chosen as the location of the events are:

  • Via Sigmund Freud, so-called "Piazzetta Totò"
  • Piazza Muzii
  • Borgo Mercatale typical of Antignano
  • Piazza Vanvitelli
  • Piazza Fuga
  • Piazzale San Martino

Night's Program for Legality

The many events of the white night at Vomero revolve around the keywords dance, read, listen, hug, share, kiss, greet, talk and many others, involving the many commercial activities of the Vomero-Arenella district. Between concerts, meetings, sports, exhibitions, street art and shows, there will also be space for culture with initiatives in bookstores and open schools. All events are available in complete program of the Night for Legality.

Public transport timetable extension

On the occasion of the Night for the Legality of Vomero, the Funicolari Centrale and Chiaia, the 1 line of the Metro and some bus lines they will extend their operating hours until 3.

Information on Night for 2015 Legality

When: the 24 and the 25 October 2015
Schedule: from 18 am to 03.00 pm
Where: various places in the Vomero district

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