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La Venus of the Rags by Michelangelo Pistoletto returns to Naples. After the fire, and consequently its destruction, the artist brought the work back to life and chose to have it hosted again by the city of Naples.

Giancarlo De Luca

The fire that destroyed the first Venus of Rags

During the month dJuly 2023, Overnight, a man set fire to the original installation. The act resulted in the total destruction of the work. pistol he also stated that the event was in a certain sense part of the meaning of his work exposed, therefore, to the public and to current society. But the law, obviously, could only punish the criminal act: the perpetrator of the destruction was stopped and arrested. It's about Simon Isaiah and sentenced to 4 years in prison and to pay a fine of four thousand euros.

During the presentation of the new work, pistol confirmed his idea about the instigator of the fire. He has, in fact, declared:

“I can't wait to see him, to hug him, to sit in front of him, to meet. And to look each other in the eyes. I believe that Venus can offer him a resolution too: he is an individual who suffers, and he made that gesture out of suffering and I believe he should find relief. I think it was a spark of pain that set fire to this Venus and I think that if this young man could get out of prison he could be welcomed by an institution that should cure him and this institution is called 'Scintilla' "

When and where is La Nuova Venere located in Naples?

The new Venus of the Rags finds a home in one of the most impressive spaces in Naples: Piazza Municipio. From 6 March 2024 the work, this time created with fireproof materials to resist the elements and acts of vandalism, it stands as a temporary guardian of an urban space full of history.

Giancarlo De Luca

What does the work in Piazza Municipio represent? Its meaning

La Venus of the Rags in Piazza Municipio it goes beyond mere aesthetic representation; is a powerful commentary on the contemporary society, a bridge between the divine and the everyday, the sacred and the profane.

The work symbolizes the contrast between the immortal beauty of classical art, represented by the figure of Venus, and the transience of rags, a metaphor for consumer civilization and the human condition.

Located in the beating heart of Naples, the work invites reflection on themes such as regeneration, the acceptance of the new that arises from the old, and the role of art as social dialogue tool.

La Venus of the Rags it is therefore more than a work of art; it is an emblem of hope, a warning not to forget our roots while looking to the future, a reminder to see beauty in transformation and in recycling, both material and spiritual.

How long will he stay in Naples?

Presented on 6 March 2024, this incarnation symbolizes rebirth through art, remaining exposed for three months before an imminent move to a permanent location, still unknown.

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