New law decree: quarantine stop for some vaccinated and reinforced Green Pass obligation

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The drecree-law to try to counter the spread of the pandemic, which gallops due to the Omicron variant. The news mainly concern the quarantine in case of contact with a positive for vaccinated with three doses or for those just vaccinated.

But let's see in the detail.

Stop quarantine precautionary for some vaccinated

The new law, the rules of which take effect from the 31 December 2021, canceled the quarantine for anyone who enters contact with a positive for COVID-19 in some specific cases.

No precautionary quarantine if:

  • You are vaccinated with 3 doses
  • You are vaccinated with 2 doses less than 120 days (4 months)
  • If you recovered from COVID for less than 120 days (4 months)

These subjects will obligatorily enter a period of 5 days self-surveillance where they will have to comply with the following laws:

  • Wear masks only FFP2;
  • Se symptomatic make a buffer rapid or molecular antigenic on the fifth day of exposure;
  • get out of self-surveillance it will be enough to be asymptomatic for 5 days after contact. If, on the other hand, symptoms appear, then a tampon should be done.

Obviously in case of positivity the subject will enter quarantine. The isolation will last until the swab is negative. 

And for vaccines / cured for more than 120 days?

The precautionary quarantine times for those in possession of a reinforced Green Pass (which is obtained if you have been fully vaccinated or recovered from Covid-19) for over 120 days are not yet clear. But some rumors affirm that for these subjects the quarantine will become 5 days and no longer 7. A negative swab will be required to exit the quarantine.

Finally, for the unvaccinated

For the unvaccinated the rules of quarantine in case of contact with a positive remain unchanged: quarantine of 10 days and negative buffer to get out of isolation.

Let's summarize the quarantine rules

Therefore, to summarize, the new rules provide:

  • for close contacts with 3 booster doses and for those vaccinated for less than 4 months: no quarantine, but 5 days self-surveillance (i.e. check their symptoms and possibly communicate them to the doctor) and the obligation to wear the FFP2 mask for 10 days. If symptoms appear, a rapid or molecular swab is required on the fifth day of contact; so, if you remain asymptomatic for 5 days after contact, you should not do a tampon;
  • for close contacts vaccinated without booster but for more than 4 months: 5-day quarantine and obligation to have a negative swab at the end of the quarantine, in order to be able to leave it;
  • for close contacts not vaccinated: 10-day quarantine with negative swab requirement or 14-day quarantine without swab (if no symptoms appear).

Who are the close contacts

Close contacts are considered when one has come into contact with positive people who may have exposed them to risk of contagion. So it happens in the following cases:

  • when someone cohabitant contracted Covid;
  • an infected person who has met and had close contact with, for example by giving him one handshake or  embrace;
  • a case of contact with the secretions of an infected person, for example by touching a used handkerchief with your bare hands;
  • il close contact, less than 2 meters, with an infected person for at least 15 minutes;
  • sharing a closed environment and without a mask with those who are positive.

The obligation of the Green Pass has been extended to include local means of transport

The new decree provides for the extension of the obligation of Super Green Pass or reinforced Green Pass which by now will have to be shown almost everywhere. From 10 January it will also be mandatory on local transport such as metro and bus and also to participate in parties and ceremonies.

But let's see all the cases where it is mandatory.

Extended Enhanced Green Pass: all cases

The places in which to show it compulsorily provided for by the decree of the end of November:

  • indoor restaurants and bars;
  • theaters;
  • cinema;
  • concert halls;
  • stages;
  • public parties and ceremonies;
  • discos.

From 10 January it will be extended to almost all social and recreational activities, so in addition to the places already mentioned, it will be mandatory to access the following activities:

  • use of means of transport, also for transport local or regional public.
  • hotels and accommodation facilities;
  • feasts resulting from civil or religious ceremonies;
  • festivals and fairs;
  • convention centers;
  • outdoor catering services;
  • ski lifts with tourist-commercial purposes even if located in ski areas;
  • gyms;
  • swimming pools, swimming centers, team sports and wellness centers, even outdoors;
  • Museums;
  • cultural centers, wellness centers, social and recreational centers for outdoor activities;
  • game rooms;
  • bingo halls;
  • casino.

From 15 February it is extended to workers over 50 to access public and private workplaces.

The capacities of the facilities change

Finally, the new decree-law has once again changed the rules regarding the capacity of the plants, both outdoors and indoors:

  • Outdoor installations: maximum 50% of the capacity;
  • Indoor facilities: maximum 35% of the capacity.

The prices of FFP2 masks have been lowered

As a consequence of the obligation, provided for in the previous decree, of wear the FFP2 mask almost everywhere, it was decided to to calm the prices. Agreements will be signed with pharmacies, so we will know more in the coming days. The idea is to stay on the price of 1 € for each template.

Where they are mandatory

THEobligation to wear the FFP2 mask applies to:

  • shows open to the public indoors;
  • outdoor performances in theaters, concert halls, cinemas, entertainment venues and live music and in other similar premises;
  • in events and sports competitions that take place indoors or outdoors;
  • on means of transport, including those of local public transport such as metro and bus.

How to choose FFP2 masks safely

In a our well detailed article we explain all steps to follow to choose certified and safe masks. We know that it is not always easy to find your way between codes, certificates and companies, so we have tried to clarify.

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