Pasquetta 2017 at Nabilah on the beach with Capitan Capitone and DJ set

Easter Monday 2017 at nabilah with concerts

Easter Monday 2017 at Nabilah: you celebrate all day on the seashore with music, kayaks and guided tours!

Waiting for the summer season, the Nabilah it warms up with some spring events. These include the festivities for the Easter Monday 2017, the 17 April, which will go on throughout the day. In the suggestive location of Bacoli, many artists will perform in concert, that is, those that make up the collective Capitan Capitone, composed by famous songwriters of the Neapolitan scene, and will propose the album "Capitan Capitone ei Parenti della Sposa". The band is made up of Daniele Sepe, Tommy De Paola, Paolo Forlini, Davide Afzal, Mario Insenga (Blue Stuff), Maurizio Capone (Capone & BungtBangt), Alessio Sollo (The Collective), Dario Sansone (Foja), Gnut, Roberto Colella and Alessandro Morlando (The Mask), Martina De Falco, Andrea Tartaglia, Sara Sossia Squeglia, Gino Fastidio, Carmine D'Aniello ('O Rom), Nelson.

Next, there will be the highly anticipated Dj Riva Starr and Cipolletta, Viscovo, Alaia & Gallo, Alex Colle.

Guided tour and brunch

But it will not be a music-only Easter Monday: the program is there visit to Archaeological Park of Cuma and the art of the #Fotone social project.

The Nabilah offers visitors a guided tour in the Archaeological Park of Cuma. We will go to the discovery of the Acropolis, the Roman Crypta and the mysterious Antro of the Sibyl. Comfortable clothing is recommended to better tackle the uphill route. By presenting the entrance ticket of the Park to the Nabilah, you will be able to access for free and have a glass of wine.

It is also provided a brunch organized in food points: the areas will be available to guests grilled, vegan, Casatiello, fries, salads and pastiera. For movement lovers will be available kayaking and platessa lessons. 

Prices guided tour: 4 € adults | 2 € young people between 18 and 25 years | free for minors

Info and reservations:

Artistic project #Fotone

The guys from Mediaintegrati involved the city of Naples in the social #Fotone art project. The goal is to share an experience through interaction. The work is a relational device consisting of luminous shapes placed on the walls. The observer becomes an integral part of it impersonating in turn the "archer" or the "murderer".

Information about Easter Monday 2017 at Nabilah

When: 17 April 2017

Where: Nabilah, via Roman Beach 15, Bacoli (Na)

Working hours:: From the 10.00 24.00

Pricing: free entry within 13.00 | € 10 after the 13.00

Info and contacts: Facebook Event | tel. 339 233 5040

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