Why did Kate Middleton reveal her illness? Here's the truth!

Kate Middleton

There would be a real yellow behind the choice of Kate Middleton and the entire Royal Family to make her health conditions public and to talk about the cancer he is fighting. What happened? Let's discover the latest details of the origin of the now infamous video message to the nation from the Princess of Wales.

Kate Middleton revealed she has cancer to defend her privacy

Privacy is not an insignificant detail in the lives of all of us (it is no coincidence that it is legally guaranteed!) and this applies, of course, also in the case of the English royals. Many have been wondering lately real reasons why the English Royal Family and, therefore, Kate Middleton, decided to speak publicly about the health conditions of the Princess of Wales, communicate with this video.

Just the fear that Kate's privacy was being violated in the worst way, therefore, led to the publication of the video message which, on March 22, 2024, literally shocked the world and with which Kate Middleton announced that she was suffering from cancer. But why are we talking about a violation of privacy? What happened?

The mystery of the stolen medical record

There has been much speculation about Kate Middleton's health conditions and the reasons why the Princess had been absent "from the scene" for so long! The video message in which William's wife clarified everything shook the world and put an end to the sea of ​​rumors which had followed one another. Based on what was revealed by an authoritative source such as Daily Mail, the English Royal Family was forced to make everything known due to a news leak.

Apparently, a stranger managed to get hold of Kate's medical records by becoming aware of this terrible secret and thus violating its security and right to privacy. He then contacted the royal family. To avoid everything coming out the wrong way, here we come forced choice. An incredible decision, a painful sharing with the whole world that, perhaps, he would have preferred not to make: this one truth about the reasons that pushed Kate to speak to everyone of his terrible illness.

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Written by Patricia Maimone
Image source: Instagram @duchesscatherineofbritain
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