Piccolo Bellini: presented the 2013 / 2014 theater season

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Piccolo Bellini Theater, 2013 / 2014 theater season

Presented the Piccolo Bellini 2013 / 2014 theater season with 15 shows scheduled

"Size doesn't matter, it matters how you do it" is the slogan, witty and at the same time effective, of the new season of the Little Bellini, the theater that was born inside the Bellini Theater of Naples as a stage dedicated to contemporary dramaturgy, the one that sometimes still has difficulty in fitting into traditional theater circuits.

Il Little Bellini, which from this year together with the North Area Theater, the Elicantropo Theater, the Theater de Poche and Start / Interno 5, is part of Politeatro, the Small Metropolitan Theaters Network, presented this morning the 2013 / 2014 theater season in a press conference.

15 shows scheduled, 4 of which dedicated to dance, a special event, the highly anticipated shows of Delbono Tales of June, and a festival of theatrical shorts that will open the new season of the Piccolo Bellini, The Court of the Ant, now in its 14th edition this year and will be held from 21 to 2013 October XNUMX.

Poster of the new season of the Piccolo Bellini

Present in the hall some directors, actors and authors of the new plays that will be staged on the stage of the Little Bellini this year, including: Giovanna Pignieri, the author of epoché, the theatrical short winner of the 2012 edition of the festival The Court of the Ant; Marcello Cotugno, director of the show Some Girl (s), a comedy by Neil LaBute about a man who, about to get married, decides to go in search of all his exes to repair his "damage"; Roberta Serretiello, the director of Secret passageo, an unusual show that aims to talk about sex without shame.

During the press conference the i prices for season tickets and shows of the Little Bellini.

Over 30
  • Full 15 euro (with Card Politeatro 10 euro)
  • Special Event 25 euro (with Card Politeatro 15 euro)
Under 30
  • Full 10 euro (with Card Politeatro 6 euro)
  • Special Event 20 euro (with Card Politeatro 10 euro)

The Politeatro Card has a fixed cost of 10 euro.

Subscription to 8 shows of your choice (excluding special event)
  • Over 30: 80 euro
  • Under 30: 48 €

Program of the Piccolo Bellini 2013 / 2014 theater season

From the 22 27 October 2013
TTR - The Theater of Tato Russo
Kill mothers
written and directed by Camilla Cuparo
with Luigi Iacuzio

29 from October to November 3 2013
Ass. Cult. Fattidimusicaeteatro
by Giovanna Pignieri
directed by Lella Lepre
with Paola Bocchetti, Ivana D'Alisa, Daniela Ioia, Lella Lepre
and the participation of Salvatore Esposito

From the 7 to 17 2013 November
Bellini Theater Stable Theater of Naples
Emergency exit
by Manlio Santanelli
with Rino Di Martino, Ernesto Mahieux
directed by Pierpaolo Sepe

From November 28 to December 1 and from 5 to 15 December 2013
Bellini Theater Stable Theater of Naples
Some girl (s)
by Neil LaBute
with Martina Galletta, Bianca Nappi, Gabriele Russo, Roberta Spagnuolo, Guia Zapponi
directed by Marcello Cotugno

From the 19 22 December 2013
Pippo Delbono Company
Tales of June
by and with Pippo Delbono

From December 26 2013 6 to January 2014
InBalìa Instabile Company
A Zonzo #02
of and directed by InBalìa Compagnia Instabile
with Marco Cacciola, Michelangelo Dalisi, Francesco Villano

From January 10 12 2014 to
CIE 3.14 / Valeria Apicella
It is
by Valeria Apicella - with Valeria Apicella, Arianna D'Angio

From January 14 19 2014 to
Punta Corsara - 369gradi - Armunia / Inequilibrium Festival
PetitoBlok - The sideshow of charlatan death
loosely based on the works of Antonio Petito and Aleksandr Blok
Antonio Calone drama
with Giuseppina Cervizzi, Christian Giroso, Giovanni Vastarella, Valeria Pollice, Emanuele Valenti
directed by Emanuele Valenti

From the 14 16 2014 February
Collective Nada / Antonello Tudisco
NEFES / Respiro_ Every Human being is an Artist_
direction and choreography Antonello Tudisco

From 20 to 23 February and from 27 February to 2 March 2014
XX who is female - Children of the Bronx
Secret Passage
from an idea of ​​Maura Perrone
with Maura Perrone, Fabiana Fazio, Sofia Campanile, Loredana Carannante, Delio Fusco, Peppe Villa, Marco Amendola, Attilio Graziano
directed by Roberta Serretiello

From the 4 9 2014 March
Nidodiragno Productions
Fable in music for crows, wild dogs, curses, tyrants, sepulchers & flowering maidens - The story of Antigone
reinterpretation of Ali Smith from the tragedy of Sophocles told by Anita Caprioli and sung by Didie Caria
directed by Roberto Tarasco

From the 14 16 2014 March
Dance Flux
Horse boy in apnea
with Fabrizio Varriale
direction and choreography Chiara Alborino, Fabrizio Varriale

From 20 to 23 March and from 27 to 30 March 2014
Vodisca Theater - Free Scene Ensemble
Diego - I will never be a common man
project and direction by Aniello Mallardo
with Maddalena Stornaiuolo

From the 1 6 2014 April
Stable Theater of Bolzano
by and directed by Fausto Paravidino
with Sara Bertelà

From 8 to 13 April 2014
Internal 5
Eat and drink. Dung and death
by and directed by Davide Iodice
with Alessandra Fabbri

For further information, consult the official website of the Bellini Theatre

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