Pompeii, visit to the Casa Delle Nozze D'Argento under restoration for Valentine's Day


On February 14, on the occasion of the day of Valentine's day, it will be possible to visit the majestic Pompeian domus full of decorations known as House of the Silver Wedding. Thanks to the MyPompeii Card, the holders will have the opportunity to take part in visits extraordinary that will retrace in detail all the passages of the building site restoration of the House that is preparing to dates.

The House of the Silver Wedding

La domus, which owes its name to the visit of the royals Umberto I e Margherita di Savoia on their day silver wedding of the 1893, is full of impressive architectural solutions, including tuff Corinthian columns in the atrium, a rhodium-type colonnaded garden, fountains, a heatable bathroom with outdoor tubs and two gardens on the sides of the building.

In addition to its historical and architectural interest, the Casa delle Nozze d'Argento is also important because it was inhabited from the first and second century AD by an aristocratic family, the Albuci family, of which we also know some details of their life.

photo by pompeiisites.org

The house is one of the most solemn and majestic examples of what the home of a member of the Pompeian aristocracy must have looked like and is characterized by the imposing architectural solutions, such as the very tall tuff Corinthian columns in the atrium. It also has a rhodium-type peristyle, i.e. with the northern side higher than the others, an architectural choice also documented in other Pompeian houses such as the Casa dell'Ancora and the Casa degli Amorini Dorati.

Based on some graffiti and inscriptions on many objects it has been located in Lucius Albucius Celsusthe last owner of the house. The current appearance of the building can be dated to 40-30 BC when many rooms, especially those facing the atrium, were restored.

The house owes its name to the visit of the royals Umberto I and Margherita of Savoy on the day of the celebration of their silver wedding anniversary in 1893.

Excavation date: 1883; 1891-1893; 1907-1908.

MyPompeii Card

All those who wish to visit the House of the Silver Wedding and participate in the extraordinary visit, can buy the MyPompeii Card directly online or at authorized points of sale. Once purchased, simply send an email to mypompeiicard@cultura.gov.it to receive all the details of the appointment.

A unique opportunity to admire the beauty of the Casa delle Nozze d'Argento, discovering its secrets and stories, and immersing yourself in the Roman atmosphere of the past.

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Written by Andrew Navarro
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