Extraordinary visits to Pompeii, a normally closed Domus is open every day

House of Ceii

The wonderful Pompeii Archaeological Park organizes a special initiative for all visitors, in fact it will be possible to participate in extraordinary visits to discover Domus that normally they are not accessible.

In particular, from 1 April 2023 and for every day of the week ancient domus will be opened in which maintenance or restoration work is underway, so you will have the opportunity to enter work sites and admire these beautiful domus.

What are the Domus to visit exceptionally

Every day then, starting from 09:15 to 18:20, with last access at 18:00 you can visit the following Domus on the days of the week specified here:


  • On Monday you can visit the House of the Anchor, or a Domus located on Via Mercurio whose name is inspired by the anchor depicted in the entrance mosaic. Excavation date: 1826-1827; 1828-1829.


  • On Tuesday you can visit the Domus of Marcus Lucretius Fronto, it is one of the most elegant domus in Pompeii. In fact, the house has pictorial decorations and is full of literary and artistic references. The atrium has a basin in marco dell'impluvium and a table with lion's paws and the tablinum with decorations with the triumph of Bacchus and Ariadne and the loves of Venus and Mars. Excavation date 1899-1900; 1972-1974.


  • On Wednesday you can visit the Baths of the Forum which date back to the years immediately following the deduction of the colony of veterans by General Silla. Excavation date 1823-1824.


  • On Thursday you can visit the House of Ceii, an ancient residence of the late Samnite age. Excavation date 1913-1914.


  • Friday is de's turn The Fullonica, probably a laundry for washing clothes and for degreasing freshly spun fabrics. At the time of its discovery, a skeleton was found at the entrance, carrying various coins with it. This is probably Stephanus, the owner. Excavation date 1912-1913.


  • On Saturday you can visit the House of the Tragic Poet, a famous domus with a mosaic bearing the inscription Cave Canem (beware of the dog). Inside the house was also found Sale of Cupids, became very popular in the early 800s. Excavation date 1824-1825.


  • For the last day of the week there will be a visit to House of the Ara Maxima, inside the house a table was found with a bronze Egyptian sphinx as a support. Excavation date 1903.

Contacts and information

Official site Pompeii Archaeological Park

  • Where: Pompei
  • When: from Saturday 01 April 2023 to Sunday 30 April 2023, from 09 to 15
  • Prezzi:
    • Full ticket: 18 €
    • Reduced ticket: 2 €
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Written by Serena De Luca
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