Renewal of Kim Min-jae: goodbye to 50 million release clause

Kim Minjae, SSC Napoli footballer, in action on the pitch

Among the spearheads of this phenomenal football season of Napoli we find the Korean defender Kim Min-jae. Currently engaged in the Qatar 2022 World Cup, the footballer has established himself as immovable owner in Spalletti's training.

Arrived in Naples without too much enthusiasm, his importance in the game economy has grown more and more. In this regard, the company is already working on the renewal of the defender's contract.

The current contract of Kim Min-jae

When he was bought in summer 2022, the Korean was paid 20 million euros and signed a 5-year contract. The contract stipulated a salary from 2,5 million euros net per year plus any bonuses.

Among the delicate points of the first contract signed by Min-jae with Napoli is the 50 million release clause gross euros. Starting from the second year of his stay in the blue club, in fact, the Korean could decide to leave the Neapolitan club by paying that sum into the club's coffers.

Contract renewal Kim Min-jae: the details

The Neapolitan company wants to aim at remove this clause. Given the great year that Kim is facing from a sporting point of view, in fact, it is more than probable that some clubs will try to pay the clause and take home the talented Korean defender.

The figures are not yet precise at the moment, but it seems that De Laurentiis is working to remove the release clause. In return, Min-jae would see a substantial upward adjustment of his salary.

The Korean defender is valued at around 80-85 million euros, much more than the 50 million clause. We wouldn't be surprised if the salary increase were to stay close to one million euros.

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Written by Vincenzo Napolitano
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