Festivals and Celebrations in Campania during the weekend from 5 to 7 May 2023

Meatballs in sauce, a traditional Neapolitan dish
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We are ready for a new one weekend in which we will be able to taste the goodness of our territory thanks to the Festivals in Campania.

From the 5 7 May 2023, in the typical villages and towns of our Region there will be festivals and parties where we can really lick our mustaches. The Sagra d'a is back grandma's purpette in Scisciano, while in Pertosa it is celebrated with the white artichoke.

In Nocera fish lovers can enjoy dishes based on cod, while Telese Terme will organize theInternational Street Food with many dishes from all over Italy and beyond.

Here are our tips for the weekend.


The 'A Purpetta d'a Nonna festival returns to Scisciano: when and the menu

Meatballs in sauce, a traditional Neapolitan dish
The municipality of Scisciano, in the province of Naples, is preparing to host the sixth edition of the grandmother's meatball festival, or as they say in the local dialect, 'A Purpetta d'a Nonna. The event, organized by the Il Palazzo Association with the moral patronage of the Municipality, will be held on Friday 5 and Saturday 6 May 2023, from 20.00 pm in Località Palazzuolo.


Where: Scisciano, NaplesGive her: 08:00


  • From 05 / 05 / 2023 to 30 / 04 / 2023
  • Entrance: Free


Baccalà Village in Caivano with shows, games and street food

Poster Baccalà Village of Nocera
Baccalà Village emerges as a revolutionary project, constituting the first village entirely dedicated to cod. This event is designed for lovers of this delicacy, rooted in the gastronomic tradition of Campania, and for those interested in discovering the flavors and characteristics of a fish once considered modest.


Where: Caivano (Naples)


  • From 08 / 06 / 2023 to 30 / 04 / 2023


International Street Food in Telese Terme, truck with international food

Food trucks and global cuisines come together to delight visitors in a unique culinary event in Telese Terme from Friday 05 to Sunday 07 May 2023. Gastronomy enthusiasts will have the opportunity to taste a wide range of dishes thanks to the presence of numerous food trucks and international cuisine stands.


Where: Telese Terme, Province of Benevento


  • From 05 / 05 / 2023 to 30 / 04 / 2023
Price: price quotation


MercAntico in Benevento: antiques market and typical products

The historic center of San Lorenzello, located in the province of Benevento, is preparing to host a series of events of great value for the city: the MercAntico. An appointment that is repeated on Sunday of each end of the month.


Festival of the White Artichoke of Pertosa

Festival of the White Artichoke of Pertosa

La 26esima edition of this famous bell festival will see the best restaurants of Pertosa gather in the square to create incredible and tasty dishes, naturally with the white artichoke as the protagonist.

You can taste:

  • antipasti with white artichoke
  • scamorza cheese with artichokes
  • soup with artichokes
  • sandwiches with grilled meat
  • many side dishes with artichokes

and so on. Enjoy your meal!



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