Sanremo 2024: Amadeus releases the first previews

gianni morandi and amadeus

The 2023 Sanremo Festival ended less than two weeks ago, but Amadeus has already released the first previews of the 2024 Sanremo Festival! Here's what we should expect and what's new in the next edition.

Not even time to file the 2023 Festival of Sanremo that, immediately, Amadeus has already given the first advances of what will be the 2024 Festival of Sanremo!

Let's start by saying that, after being relegated outside the Ariston theater, Fiorello will also be there, but as revealed by the showman himself during the live today of Viva Rai 2:

“I'll only go to the last one, to get Amadeus back. Just five minutes, after the winner is announced, to take him away after his fifth festival.”

Sanremo, will the festival become infinite? The word of Amadeus

We don't know yet, of course, what they will be singers and young promises which we will see at 2024 Festival of Sanremo, But one thing is certain: Amadeus seems to be more intent on transforming Sanremo into an "infinite festival", which lasts not just a week, but a full twelve months.

But what did he reveal in the first advances? That the festival, as per tradition, will last five days, that on the second day there will be one big controversy and that, during the final evening, there will be a great name in Italian song as a guest who has won a historic edition of Sanremo.

Who will be? We just have to follow the previews of Sanremo 74 to find out or try to figure it out from the clues that Amadeus will release in the coming months.

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