Sonia Bruganelli away from GF Vip 8, Bonolis's wife turns the page

Sonia Bruganelli

Twist at Mediaset: a few days after the end of GF Vip 7, Sonia Bruganelli said she will not be the columnist of GF Vip 8 (while Orietta Berti, apparently, has already been reconfirmed). Here's why and where we'll see her again.

Il Big Brother Vip 7 it ended a few days ago amid controversy, one almost close fight, insults and attacks on the former "Vipponi", but, according to what was revealed by Dagospia, Mediaset is already working to prepare the Big Brother Vip 8. And, according to what was revealed by the advances, will not only continue to follow the new course inaugurated by Pier Silvio Berlusconi, but in addition to this there will be some important news.

One of these? Sonia Bruganelli, that there will no longer be like columnist (Orietta Berti, however, would have already been reconfirmed) and, in its place, could arrive Julia Salemi. Though Pier Paolo Pretelli, Salemi's partner, in a recent interview declared that, very unlikely, his partner will leave his social station. So, in the meantime, we don't know who it could be the substitute or substitute for Sonia Bruganelli.

Sonia Bruganelli, why does she leave the GF Vip? Here are the guesses

It is not yet clear why Sonia Bruganelli has decided to leave the GF Vip, but, according to the first rumors circulating on the net, she and her husband, Paul Bonolis, they would be preparing a new TV show, which would see them together in the management.

Rumors which, moreover, have already been confirmed by Bruganelli herself in an interview with I read, in which he specified that it will not be Hi Darwin nor Forward another, but something completely new and that has never been expected before.

Curiosity for the meantime remains, but Sonia Bruganelli he already knows how he will spend his free time after seven months of Big Brother Vip:

“Now I can go back to my books that I left behind for too many months.”

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Written by Frances Orelli
Image source: Instagram profile Sonia Bruganelli (@soniabrugi)
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