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The best beaches in Naples and its province

The best beaches of Naples and its province, from the coast of Posillipo to the Phlegrean coast, where you can relax and have fun by the sea.

A selection of the best beaches in the city of Naples and its province, where you can spend a relaxing or fun day

Naples and its sea, an inseparable binomial that has represented for centuries the essence of our splendid city that, deprived of the waters and the evocative beauty of its Gulf would lose much of its magic.

The beaches of Naples and its surrounding areas have always attracted citizens and tourists from every part of Italy and the world who often choose to spend the summer holidays in our territory. Unfortunately in recent times some of the beaches and waters of the Neapolitan beach areas no longer boast the quality and beauty of the past, but there are still some places in the city and the province, such as the coast of Posillipo and the Phlegrean coast, which keep intact their landscape splendor and the clarity of their waters, where diving is still a pleasure!

Obviously it is in our interest as citizens and lovers of our city keep our beaches and our sea clean, first of all making a gesture of respect towards our territory, with the awareness that Naples can count its sustainability above all on cultural and seaside tourism, which still enjoy a particular appeal on visitors.

Napolike has therefore selected for you, Neapolitan inhabitants and tourists of our city, the best beaches of Naples and its province, where you can spend a simple day at the beach and admire, at the same time, the unique breathtaking view of our precious lands. (If you are a pool lover instead here you will find a selection of the best pools in Naples and its province)

Gaiola Beach

La Gaiola Beach it is one of the most suggestive and uncontaminated places in Naples, where the atmosphere brings back the past of Greek and Roman culture and civilization. The beach is located inside the Submerged Park of Gaiola, a marine protected area set in the coastal landscape of Posillipo, where you can also snorkel and scuba dive, kayaking or take guided tours of the underwater archaeological park thanks to the routes with the boat from the transparent bottom.


The area of ​​the gaiola it extends from the beach of Marechiaro to the Bay of Trentaremi, located under the archaeological park of Pausilypon. To access the small free beach just get to the Virgiliano Park (Posillipo) to walk a few meters towards Coroglio and park the car, or the scooter, before entering the Discesa Gaiola. The only "flaw" of this place where you can spend a relaxed day at the sea is represented by a long descent and some flights of stairs that cross inhabited houses that make the picturesque and typical route.

Once you have finished the stairs you finally get to the beach of the gaiola, a small pristine paradise characterized by clear and transparent waters (especially at the beginning and end of the summer season and on weekdays) and peace and quiet (Saturday and Sunday crowds more).

The free beach of arched shape rises on a rocky tufaceous ridge (it is not a real sand) and while sunbathing or diving in the water it is possible to admire the gulf of Naples and the imposing Vesuvius.

On the other side of the beach, climbing some stairs, you can access the"rocky" area of ​​Gaiola, the real marine protected area, simply by releasing the document at the entrance. Here you can enjoy the purity of crystal clear waters and admire the two wonderful ones "Islets of the Gaiola" joined by a small bridge, in a more "wild" environment overlooking the sea. Attention, here you can neither drink nor eat and the area can accommodate up to 100 people. This explains the long lines that are formed, especially on weekends, to access this protected area. If you do not feel like waiting, better stay on the beach and take a dip in peace!


  • Free admission
  • Where: Posillipo
  • Address: Discesa Gaiola, 80123 Naples
  • Info and contacts: tel: 081 2403235 // official web site

The Scion of Marechiaro

The famous "Scoglione" by Marechiaro can be reached thanks to a service of boat transport made by the historic "boatmen" of Marechiaro. Since the 60 years, in fact, Marchiaroinbarca takes tourists and bathers on the rocks of the Posillipo coast on board of traditional wooden boats. The dock is that of Calata Ponticello in Marechiaro, the small fishing village reachable from the Posillipo district.


The transport service on the boat has a cost of 5 euro a / re allows bathers to reach it Marechiaro jerk, a cliff with free entry on which you can also bring umbrellas, chairs and packed lunch. If you are lucky, and you arrive early in the morning, you can position yourself very close to the sea, and immerse yourself in the pristine and crystalline waters of this enchanting location.

You can also book excursions in the Protected Marine Area of ​​Gaiola, the Archaeological Park of Pausilypon and in the Grotta di Seiano, with the possibility of swimming.


  • Admission: free, transport boat 5 euro a / r
  • Where: Posillipo
  • Address: Calata Ponticello a Marechiaro, Naples
  • Info and contacts: Official site

Elena bathroom

The sea in Naples par excellence by the 1840, when the first bathing establishment of the city was created with the name "Bagni marini". The beach was also frequented by artists such as Eduardo De Filippo, Domenico Rea and Totò, and was a landing place for foreign intellectuals such as Oscar Wilde, Richard Wagner and Massimo Gorki.


Located in a strip of volcanic beach in Posillipo between the famous Palazzo Donn'Anna and Palazzo Guercia, the Elena bathroom still welcomes many Neapolitans who choose to spend days of sea and sun in complete relaxation, in a real city marine oasis that also represents a corner of history.

Il Elena bathroom consists of: a central pier on wooden stilts used as a solarium privèe; the large beach designed to satisfy everyone's needs; the beach, family size, ideal for children. There are also two refreshment points on the spot: the beach bar with the hot table, next to the beach; the deck bar, on the pontoon privèe, with its characteristic restaurant.

Daily meetings are also held with fitness, including water aerobics by the sea, water stretching and summer camps for children.


  • Admission: for a fee, from 7 to 15 euro
  • Where: Posillipo
  • Address: Via Posillipo 14, Naples
  • Info and contacts: tel: 081 5755058 // Official site

The Green Rocks

La Bay of the Green Rocks has always been one of the most striking and spectacular locations of Posillipo, suitable for those wishing to dedicate a day to complete seaside relaxation. The complex of the Green Rocks is located within Villa Fattorusso, set on the splendid and luxuriant hill of Posillipo, overlooking the Gulf of Naples, the Sorrento peninsula and the island of Capri.


The beach of the Green Rocks is located on a tufa structure which allows guests to relax lying on the loungers by the sea. There are also two pools of sea water, one for adults and one for children, a panoramic garden area located next to the pools, where you can sunbathe and relax, and a pergola terrace that houses the bar-buffet restaurant.


  • Admission: 15 euro weekdays; 18 euro weekends, other paid services
  • Where: Posillipo
  • Address: via Posillipo 68, Naples
  • Info and contacts: tel: 081 5756716 // official web site

Riva Fiorita

The Riva Fiorita beach in Posillipo

It is one of the most beautiful and symbolic beaches of Naples, characterized by the background of Villa Volpicelli, the "red" castle that is the location of the soap opera "Un posto al sole", located near the famous fish restaurant "Giuseppone a mare". Reaching this "secret" beach is only possible from the sea, fencing a boat or a dinghy, or you can park your car along via Ferdinando Russo and set off along a descent to the sea.


  • Free admission
  • Where: Posillipo
  • Address: Via Ferdinando Russo, 13 - 80123 Naples

Castle of Baia beach

If you want to spend a relaxing day at the sea on the Phlegrean coast, the Castle of Baia beach It's right for you. Far from the excessive crowding that is created, especially during the weekends, on the long beaches of Miseno and Miliscola, but above all from everyday stress, this place really represents a pleasant and pristine "island".


The beach is located below the Castle of Baia, the Aragonese fortress that lies overlooking the sea and dominates the whole area of ​​the Campi Flegrei, today also home to the Archaeological Museum of Campi Flegrei. In short, a place where naturalistic landscape and history merge and where you can admire the picturesque castle from every point of the beach.

Lo bathhouse of the Castello di Baia it can only be reached by sea. After parking the car on Via Lucullo you can take advantage of a ferry service (3 or 4 euro a / r), which remains in operation throughout the day. The boat crossing takes only two minutes.

Once you arrive at the beach you can choose to settle in one of the three beaches by taking umbrellas (4 or 5 euro), sunbeds and deckchairs (from 4 to 6 euro). There Castle of Baia beach it has considerably expanded in recent years, enriching itself with a well-stocked bar / restaurant where you can have a mid-day meal or cool off with drinks and ice-creams. Also available to customers are bathrooms, changing rooms and showers.

The beach is really clean, the waters of the sea are clear and the bottom is partly sandy, partly rocky. The area is frequented mainly by families and groups of young people on weekends, but it is almost never affected by the overcrowding that usually characterizes summer beaches.

The Baia Castle Beach also hosts evening events on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays from the month of July, with bars and discos with music from the years 70 and 80 and also organizes private parties and birthdays!


  • Admission: fee (boat 3 or 4 euro, umbrella or bed cost from 5 to 8 euro)
  • Where: Bacoli (Baia)
  • Address: via Lucullo 75, Bacoli (NA)
  • Info and contacts: cell: 333.2629253 // official web site

Beaches of Miseno and Miliscola

Le beaches of Miseno and Miliscola they are the summer bathing areas par excellence and in continuous development to allow citizens and tourists to go to the sea without spending too much. In recent times more and more the beaches equipped to ensure fun for groups of kids (organizing aperitifs at sunset and evenings animated by DJs and live performances) but also maximum relaxation for families who prefer to bring children here, thanks to the fine sand which characterizes the beaches of Miseno and Miliscola.

chief miseno

Here too, as for the Baia di Castello beach, the beauty of the natural landscape fits perfectly with the stories and legends associated with these places. Miseno was, in fact, the trumpeter of Aeneas, here legendarily buried after challenging Triton. From every point of the beaches of Miseno and Miliscola it is possible to admire the islands of Ischia and Procida.

We offer a selection of the best beaches of this area, based on the services offered and the cleanliness of the beaches. There are also free beaches in the area.

Lido National

It is one of the most "listed" beaches of Miseno Beach, characterized by fine and clean sand and an excellent supply of quality sandwiches for those who decide to eat on the beach (the best is the cheese steak). The staff is very polite and the location stands out from the others for the services reserved for customers and for the lower prices of the average.


  • Entrance fee
  • Where: Capo Miseno
  • Address: via Dragonara 14, Bacoli (NA)
  • Info and contacts: tel 081 5233537

Lido Virgilio

It is located in Miliscola and can be accessed through the restaurant / snack bar area. It is one of the "historical" shores of the Phlegrean coast and still respects the quality characteristics sought by citizens and tourists in terms of bathing. The beach is kept clean, the area is quiet and less crowded than other beaches. You can choose to take only umbrella or in conjunction with a bed or deckchair. The restaurant offers the possibility to eat a pizza (5 euro with drink), salads or sandwiches really fresh and tasty.


  • Entrance fee
  • Where: Miliscola
  • Address: Via Miliscola 33, Bacoli (NA)

Lido Tourist

It is the "historic" beach of Miliscola beach. Built over the years' 60 over the decades has continually changed, to become a chic & glam location for those seeking relaxation at the sea but also fun, with background music selected by DJs. You can choose to relax on normal deckchairs and loungers or choose the Latvian sofas (leather sofas) for those who also decide to have lunch at the beach or the pagodas, circular leather beds equipped with arabesque umbrellas located near the sea. The beach is also equipped with play areas for children and sports areas, showers, restaurant and snack bar.


  • Entrance fee
  • Where: Miliscola
  • Address: Via Lido Miliscola 21, Bacoli (NA)
  • Contacts: official web site

Lido Enea

It is one of the most loved beaches of the Phlegrean area. The beach area is divided into four areas: Economy with sunbeds, umbrellas, deck chairs, director's chairs, and play area for children at 5 euro per person; the areas Amaca, Baldacchino and Buddha reserved only for couples, for those who really want to enjoy the full relax on the beach pampered by hammocks, canopy beds and oriental style pagodas. There are also promotions for those who choose to eat the sandwich (cot + sandwich + 8 euro drink).


  • Entrance fee
  • Where: Miliscola
  • Address: Via Miliscola 45, Bacoli (NA)
  • Contacts: official web site

Aqua Beach

This beach is among the most peaceful of the beach of Miliscola, very frequented by families, clean and well managed by the owners. Prices are slightly lower than average for the rental of sunbeds and umbrellas, you can eat on the beach choosing between snacks, ice cream but also grilled sandwiches, salads, first and second courses. Parking is located right in front of the entrance to the beach.


  • Entrance fee
  • Where: Miliscola
  • Address: Via Lido Miliscola 23, Bacoli (NA)
  • Contacts: Facebook page .

Special shuttle Naples-Miseno

We remind you that to get to these beaches from Naples there is the special Naples-Miseno summer shuttle which starts from Vomero and, passing through Fuorigrotta, arrives at Miseno.

Schiacchetiello beach

Also in the area of ​​Bacoli exists a small beach formed mainly by rocks where the sea is clear and transparent, and where to swim is a real pleasure!

Not everyone knows it and they prefer to reach the beaches of Miseno and Miliscola. To access it you have to arrive at the entrance of Villa Mirabilis, behind Piscina Mirabilis, in via Pennata, and go down some steps. You will be enchanted by this place where, according to legend, Ulysses also found refreshment. Opposite this small beach is the small island of Punta Pennata.


  • Where: Bacoli
  • Address: Via Punta Pennata, Bacoli (NA)

Blue Flags in Campania

If you want to get away from the city beaches and flegrean and discover new places to take baths in clear and transparent waters, consult our article dedicated to Blue Flags in Campania 2018 with many ideas on the best beaches between the Sorrento Peninsula, the Amalfi Coast and the Cilento.