Taxi in Naples

Taxis in Naples are an important aspect of the city's urban transport system, providing an essential service for both residents and tourists.

Taxis in Naples are recognizable by their white colour and the classic “Taxi” logo on the roof of the vehicle. They are available in various points of the city, especially in busy areas such as train stations, airports and tourist places.

In Naples, as in many other Italian cities, Taxis are regulated by municipal tariffs which guarantee transparent and standardized prices. These rates may include an initial departure cost, a cost per kilometer and surcharges for extra services such as carrying luggage or overnight travel.

The things you need to know

Table of some fixed rates

AirportCentral Station18 €
AirportBeverello Pier21 €
AirportVia Partenope25 €
Central StationCity of Science23 €
Central StationVia Partenope15 €
Central StationCapodimonte13 €
Central StationPietrarsa16 €
Central StationHistoric Centre9 €

How to call a taxi in Naples

There are various consortia active in Naples, some of which also have their own APPs.
Compared to aggregation apps, these services are often more reliable and, even if minimally, cheaper.

It may happen, for example, that the taxi booked with an aggregator you cancel the race at the last minute, while with consortia this cannot happen.

The issuance of receipts

That of the release of the payment receipts it is certainly an essential procedure for each service of taxi to Naples. Each customer can request it and, in this case, must receive it by law. The receipt must not have fiscal value and must be authorized by the Municipality of Naples. The user can report any non-compliance, which lead to penalties for those who manage the taxi service.

When a predetermined tariff, the issue of the receipt is required.

Is it possible to take a shared taxi?

Only and exclusively on the occasion of the days excluding holidays. e eves, the various companies can guarantee a useful service of collective taxi.

This method is implemented above all on days relating to the commemoration of the dead, in correspondence with the main local cemeteries.
Several plans, in fact, are implemented, for example, at the Poggioreale cemetery. In these cases, a cost of 0,50 € for every single race, with the stationary set at the Poggioreale Hemicycle.

In all other cases, sharing a taxi under the taxi driver's proposal, obviously with people who do not know each other, is not legal and must be strictly refused.

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