Vaccines in Campania, De Luca: either everyone gets vaccinated or it's lockdown!

Governor De Luca - Campania
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I contagions are rising, probably due to the Delta variant and also due to the loosened anti-COVID measures, and hopes seem to be linked to the use of the Green pass, but our government is still discussing the agreements related to this vaccination certificate. Italy will do as the France? Where shortly after the announcement of President Emmanuel Macron there was a rapid surge in requests to carry out the anti-covid vaccine.

This time the governor of Campania which, without fear, comes back to talk about lockdown. Yes, because second De Luca if the population is not vaccinated it will soon return to the closures. Furthermore, it emphasizes how much the management of individual Regions was fundamental since the Italian state is totally absent. Pushing the anti-covid vaccine seems, therefore, to be one of the few remedies left to combat the pandemic.

“We have understood that in the face of this New wave of covids we either get vaccinated or go back to lockdown. There is nothing to be done, it is largely predictable. My appeal is to resume the vaccination campaign with great determination "

De Luca sheds light on another obvious problem, namely the availability of vaccines:

"We had to listen to the nonsense told by the commissioner at Covid who told us, until a day ago, that in July we would have all the necessary vaccines. We know this is false because the available vaccines are used only to make the second doses, we have no others. Therefore, we are trying to get out of Covid thanks above all to the efforts of the Regions because, for what the Italian State looks at, let's put a cross on it ”.

Finally, he concludes by highlighting how much the use of masks is fundamental, in fact, in Campania these protective devices have always remained mandatory. It therefore clashes strongly against Salvini's latest statements.

“We must be absolutely worried. You know that in Campania the masks have always been mandatory, we have never followed, in his irresponsibility, the national secretary of the League. This gentleman who is truly giving proof of an irresponsibility without limits "

His statements conclude with the main sentence: we either get vaccinated or go back to lockdown.

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