Vaccines for children in Campania will also be done in schools

Vaccine for a child
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Vincenzo De Luca, the President of the Campania Region, said his about Aifa's approval of the administration of vaccines also to children, underlining the importance of the vaccination campaign also for the little ones.

The President stated that, of course, it is essential to continue with the administration of vaccines for all other segments of the population which, however, is It is also necessary to prepare for inoculations to children aged 5 to 11 years, a decisive step for a normal return to school, but in general to live a safer social life.

Where to vaccinate children in Campania

In these days it will be decided where it will be more appropriate to have children vaccinated, which places will be dedicated to this operation.

The President talked about the idea of ​​setting up places dedicated specifically to this age group In presence of pediatricians, but also the possibility of use the schools themselves. Parents will also need to be present in schools, but it could be created an atmosphere of greater relaxation and relaxation for both children and adults.

In general, these steps forward will help us fight the spread of the virus, so we will try to deal with them in the best possible way.

Priority to vaccinations for children

De Luca also stated that it would be better to give priority to vaccination for children inside the hubs because adults have more resistance to wait even an extra hour in line, while children do not. In his words, you have to try to have one greater sensitivity and a lot of delicacy, which is why the presence of pediatricians is also essential.

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