Vesuvius under the stars, night excursions to the Valle dell'Inferno and the Forest Reserve

Vesuvius at night
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Splendid and suggestive night excursions in the Vesuvius National Park with the Vesuvius program under the stars!

After the fires that devastated the Vesuvius in July, our volcano slowly returns to offer days and Exciting evenings for all excursion lovers.

Indeed, with a program started on 8 August 2017 and will end on the 18th of the same month, anyone can participate in a series of initiatives organized by "Vesuvius nature to explore", events that start at dusk and last until late at night.

It will be a fantastic opportunity to discover the beauties of the Vesuvius National Park seight the evocative celestial vault in the light of the stars.

How to participate

To be part of the excursions, along with delle expert guides you will need to book for the day you want to participate. To do this, you will have to send an email to communicating the date, the number of participants and at least one mobile number, and this no later than the day of the event at 13:00.
All excursions will start if you reach one minimum number of 8 people. If the number is lower, those who will have booked will be joined to groups of other dates if there is availability.

In case of bad weather, participants will be notified by telephone.

Recommended equipment

We recommend wearing trekking shoes or anyway with non-smooth sole, long trousers, layered clothing, warm winter sweatshirt or a wool sweater because there is a lot of humidity on Vesuvius at night. Furthermore, it is advisable to bring a k-way or a windbreaker or a coat, wool hat, backpack (no shoulder straps), camera, water (at least 1 liter and a half), packed dinner, glass to drink wine, and possibly a sleeping bag.

Excursion program

Here is the program from the 12 August:

  • 12/08 Hell Valley Path
  • 13/08 Hell Valley Path
  • 14 / 08 Forest Reserve Trail Tirone Alto Vesuvio
  • 15 / 08 Forest Reserve Trail Tirone Alto Vesuvio
  • 16/08 Hell Valley Path
  • 17/08 Hell Valley Path
  • 18 / 08 Forest Reserve Trail Tirone Alto Vesuvio

Information on excursions under the stars

When: started on 8 August, ends on 18 August 2017

Where: LabAMV Via Matrone 12, Herculaneum. 1 Km after passing the signs for the Vesuvian Observatory, near the Douce Atmosphere Restaurant

Schedule: appointment at 18:30

Excursion duration: from 19.30 am to 23.30 pm

difficulty: 100 meters altitude

Price: 15 euro contribution

Guide contacts:

  • Giulia 3333866577
  • Stefano 3493939712
  • Fausto 3381929504
  • Gianluca 3297493066

Reservations:, within 13 hours of the days in which you want to participate

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